Man Confused After Finding Out Q-Tips Shouldn’t Be Put in Ears | 22 Words

A man - along with the rest of the internet - has been left incredibly confused after he found out Q-tips should be put in your ears...

Because let's face it...


Who doesn't use Q-tips to clean out their ears?!

Q-tips, which are often known as cotton swabs, are a staple in anybody's bathroom cabinet...


And they come in handy for so many different situations.

Whether you're applying makeup...


Taking off makeup, sorting out your eyebrows, or even doing some household cleaning... Q-tips can do it all!

But there's no denying that Q-tips are best known for being used to clean out ears.


Come on, we all do it!

It's a great way of removing all that pesky earwax that builds up and causes discomfort...


And using Q-tips to remove earwax has become a very common method all around the world.

But as it turns out...

Q-tips aren't actually supposed to be used in ears.

Wild, we know!

And one TikTok user has been left utterly baffled this week when he discovered this unexpected fact.

People have been left feeling conflicted...


And many have been giving some serious words of advice.

British TikTok user @rightguysaldireviews specializes in reviewing all products bought at his local supermarket, Aldi...


And in one of his videos, he can be heard saying:

"Right guys, why am I only finding this out now about cotton buds? I got these cotton buds from Aldi yesterday to clean my ears out."

He then said:


​"But on inspection, I looked on the side and they say 'do not insert into the ear or nose canal', so what are they for and how am I going to clean my ears?"

Since being posted, the video has been watched over 2.8 million times with more than 185,000 and 3,000 comments...


And the NHS has since advised:

"Do not use your fingers or any objects like cotton buds (Q-tips) to remove earwax. This will push it in and make it worse."

So, there you have it!


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Q-tips are not ideal for removing earwax!

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