HBO ‘Uncovers Identity’ of QAnon Leader Q

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One HBO filmmaker thinks he’s finally uncovered the true identity of the mysterious QAnon figurehead Q…

For years, QAnon supporters have preached false conspiracy theories online.

Believing that Hollywood elites, Democratic leaders, and the “Deep State” are all involved in one giant pedophilic, mind control ring.

Many people were quick to dismiss these crazy theories…

But for advocates of “Q,” these conspiracies have become part of their core set of beliefs.

Here’s everything we know about QAnon:

QAnon is said to have originated in 2017 on the 4chan message boards.

Their fundamental belief is that the world is being controlled by Hollywood and certain left-wing politicians.

Some even think the control extends to managing the weather. Similar to the Illuminati conspiracy theory.

QAnon believers say the election of Donald Trump stopped that group of elites from achieving world domination.

And even entertains the idea that Trump was planning a secret counter-coup when in office.

Some QAnon supporters believe the secret group is involved in a large pedophilia ring, not unlike the “Pizzagate” conspiracy

Some believe those involved are Satanists, and some believe both.

At the core of these conspiracy theories is a pro-Trump agenda…

And QAnon supporters were widespread at Trump 2020 campaign rallies and anti-coronavirus lockdown protests.

Q posted in the persona of a Trump administration insider on 4chan but moved to 8kun (formerly known as 8chan), the message board run by Jim and Ron Watkins.

QAnon gained widespread media coverage after the January 6 Capitol riot where rioters said they were inspired and influenced by their belief in Q.

But who is the mastermind behind QAnon?

Well now, an HBO filmmaker thinks he’s finally uncovered the true identity of “Q.”

And people have a lot to say…

“@washingtonpost Instead of focusing on who Q is, I hoped HBO would focus on explaining how the fuck humanity has fallen so low that millions of people are obsessed with this insanity”

Nick Daly on Twitter

“@washingtonpost Calling himself “Q” rather than “R” was a brilliant piece of camouflage.”

FEMA Camp Counselor on Twitter

“@washingtonpost Zero chance Q doesn’t have CIA backing”

ExhaustedNihilist on Twitter

“@washingtonpost This isn’t new. It’s been pretty clear for a while that it’s the nut job neckbesrd incel and his son who run 8chan or whatever it’s called now.”

Anthony Bolen on Twitter

“The false information they have spread is believed by many that don’t know where it comes from.”

It seems that Ron Watkins slipped up during an interview with Cullen Hoback, the filmmaker behind the HBO series Q: Into the Storm.

He spoke with Hoback about how he shared claims about voter fraud during the 2020 election.

Watkins let down his guard for a brief moment, and what Hoback captured is being hailed as irrefutable evidence.

“It was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching normies how to do intelligence work. It was basically what I was doing anonymously before, but never as Q,” Watkins told Hoback.

Watkins then tried to backtrack: “Never as Q. I promise. I am not Q.”

“Ron had slipped up,” Hoback said in the video. “He knew it, and I knew it — and after three tireless years of cat and mouse.”

It was long speculated that Watkins was the one posing as Q.

The possibility that Watkins wrote over 4,000 messages from Q was speculated back in 2017.

Watkins and his father, Jim Watkins, have claimed multiple times to have back-channeled access to Q…

Supposedly a high-level operative with internal access to the US government.

It has proved almost impossible to identify Q, as 8kun users are anonymous.

Instead of names, users are assigned a code that identifies them.

Speaking with the CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on “AC360″…

Hoback said: “There was a lot of ‘lore’ around (Watkins) in QAnon, and he’s also one of the admins of the site where Q posts. I thought that it was possible that he would know more about Q than anyone else.”

Hoback added that he thought Watkins wanted the “credit” for QAnon.

“I’d always been waiting for that moment where Ron would slip up,” Hoback said. “I think it happened as the result of super-optimism, where he had gotten away with it for so long, and he wasn’t really watching his words.”
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