Quaden Bayles was catapulted to viral fame last month after a heartbreaking video of him saying he wanted to die as a result of constant bullying was posted to Facebook.

And now, Quaden's mom has revealed exactly what happened that caused her son to suffer from a complete breakdown in the now-famous video.

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One mother has taken a stand against bullies.

Yarraka Bayles, from Brisbane, Australia, recently posted a video where she showed the aftermath of a bullying incident that took place at her son's school.

She shared the post to warn others against the dangers of bullying.

In the 6-minute clip, you can see Quaden, her 9-year-old son who has dwarfism, crying and talking about his school experiences, saying he's considered "the dumbest kid in class."

At one point, he even tells his mother that he wants to kill himself.

In the distressing video, he says: "Give me a rope, I want to kill myself" and "I just want to stab myself in the heart... I want someone to kill me."

His heartbroken mom can be heard saying:

"We try to be as strong as positive as possible and only share the highlights... but this is how bullying affects a 9-year-old kid."

She continues:

"I just picked my son up from school, witnessed a bullying episode, rang the principal and I want people to know this is the effect bullying has. This is what bullying does. So can you please educate your children, your families, your friends because all it takes is one more instance... and you wonder why kids are killing themselves."

She also pleaded for help as her voice quivered.

"So is there any advice or support or anything that other parents have done? I've got some good advice but I need more, I want people to know how much it is hurting us as a family."

She mentioned that this isn't the first time Quaden has talked about suicide.

His distraught mom recalled that the first time he tried to kill himself was when he was only 6-years-old. Children should not be thinking about such a scary concept at such a young age.

She tried to explain to him that his life is valuable.

"I was so shocked. I honestly didn't think he would even know what or how at six years old. I've explained to him that once you go, there's no coming back, you're gone forever, but he still kept trying."

Quaden has been through many life-changing events.

He was deeply affected by the death of his grandfather and his little brother, who was stillborn. His mother revealed that he thinks he would be "better off with them in heaven."

This heartbreaking story has really raised some important questions.

The video has since been viewed over eighteen million times, and the surge of support has been overwhelming for the family.

However, this does not take away Quaden's pain.

His mother is out for answers. As she continues being an activist for these kinds of issues, she plans on raising more awareness for other people, especially children who have dwarfism.

The response to her original post has been huge.

And many celebrities and sports stars alike have been amongst those offering their support.

The Indigenous All Stars NRL team reached out to the family...

And incredibly, invited Quaden to walk them onto the pitch at one of their games.

And that isn't all...

Comedian, Brad Williams, who suffers from dwarfism himself, got wind of the heartbreaking story and decided to do something about it.

The issue is very close to home for Brad...

And, clearly moved by Quaden's anguish, the comedian decided to set up a Go Fund Me page for the youngster.

He wanted to send him to Disney Land.

"I want to fly Quaden and his mother to America, get them a nice hotel, and bring them to Disneyland... Let's show Quaden and others that there is good in the world and they are worthy of it."

The petition surpassed its original goal of $10,000...

And is close to reaching a staggering $800,000.

The generosity of these donors has seemingly given Quaden a new lease of life.

And the youngster wanted to give some helpful advice to anyone else who might be sharing the same experiences as he did when the video was taken.

This is what he said:

"If you get bullied, just stand up for yourself and don't listen to what they say. The parents should make their kids be nice to people with disabilities."

But the Bayles' have decided to reject all the money raised...

And it's for the most heartwarming reason.

That's a lot of money to say no to...

But the family decided that the anti-bullying charities need it more than they do, so have vowed to donate all the money raised to those instead.

Sadly, however, not all of the reactions to the video of Quaden have been good...

Some people said they found it odd how his mom filmed him instead of comforting him. "it's odd his mom filmed and posted it rather than calming and consoling him first," one user wrote.

But now, his mom has spoken out about her decision to film her son...

The pair were interviewed together for a special edition of The Point.

During the interview, Quaden's mom chats about her decision to take the video.

And revealed she has "no regrets" about posting the clip to social media. "Everything that's happened, no regrets. I still stand firm with what I've done," she explained.

"But I know next time I'll have the tools to be able to manage and improve on the way I have dealt with it."

"That was coming from an exhausted mom, a drained mom, a mom that is looking for help.

But many have been wondering...

What exactly happened to tip little Quaden over the edge like that?

Well, his mom has now revealed exactly what it was that caused Quaden to descend into complete and utter turmoil...

And it was all thanks to the actions of some of his classmates.

She explained how it was Quaden's third week back at school after having some time off to be at a family funeral in Sydney...

And, on the day of the video, Quaden's favorite basketball team, The Brisbane Bullets, were visiting kids on campus.

But, despite his excitement...

Yarakka recalled how, upon picking her son up from school, he seemed a little out of sorts and "uneasy."

It turns out that, while Quaden had been queueing to get his jersey signed by the team...

A group of girls had cornered him. His mom recalled, "I noticed Quaden in the middle of the line and a group of girls around him."

These girls were taunting Quaden...

"Apparently there was a new student who wasn’t aware of Quaden’s condition and she’d been making remarks ongoing and Quaden just had had enough at that time."

And, with nowhere to escape to...

Quaden had to stand as the girls humiliated him, mocked him, and patted him on the head.

Yarraka and her daughter, Quaden's older sister, witnessed the whole thing.

“When me and my daughter witnessed that – just the patting him on the head and a couple of other little girls making references to his height and laughing about it – he was very uncomfortable."

And it was when Quaden finally returned to the car when the famous video happened...

Yarraka wanted to go and confront the girls herself, but Quaden had apparently asked her not to. Plus, she had something much more important to do - Console her crying son.

You can watch the original video of Quaden here...

But please watch this video with caution - It's an incredibly distressing watch.