Prince William revealed that Kate Middleton has been chosen as the sponsor of HMS Glasgow after opening up about how his late grandfather, Prince Philip, would be impressed by the hard work and effort he saw while visiting the shipyard.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke openly about the late Duke of Edinburgh after his tour around the yard, clearly sentimental about seeing the warship under construction.

William traveled to Scotland to meet the team re-building the HMS Glasgow on the edge of the River Clyde.

He announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will be the sponsor and will officially name the ship after the Queen approved her new role.

Due to Covid restrictions the trip was postponed, with William's visit to the shipyard originally planned for May.

As per the Daily Mail, he announced: "Her Majesty the Queen has approved the appointment of my wife Catherine as a sponsor of the superb ship we see taking shape outside - HMS Glasgow.

"I know that Catherine will be delighted to join you here in Glasgow for the naming ceremony in due course."

The duke met with staff next to the frigate after arriving at the shipyard. And when told that the middle part of the boat had recently been joined up, he joked: "Who's responsible for the middle joining up?"

Clearly impressed by the sheer effort and skill, he added: "It's a real feat to be able to sandwich these two together."

The duke even took part in a ceremony to mark the start of the work on the combat ship, where he tried his hand at steel cutting.

William later told staff, who had gathered to test the underwater process: "It is a real honor to see the Navy's incredible new Type twenty-six ships under construction.

"The scale of achievement is truly staggering, and all the staff I've met here today are rightly proud of what you are doing.

"Proud not just because you are creating these cutting-edge ships, but because you are supporting the Royal Navy and the national security of the United Kingdom."

He added: "My family's affection for the Royal Navy is well known, and, as I saw the work taking place here today, I was thinking of my grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

"He would have been fascinated and excited to see such advances in skills and technology being put into practice."

Prince Philip had long been associated with the Royal Navy after he served during the Second World War. It was there, working alongside other naval officers, he established a passion for engineering.

Even the Queen's late consort once said: "The whole of our infrastructure, from sewers to power supplies and communication, everything that wasn't invented by God is invented by an engineer."