Radio Host Sends Ambulance to Home of Suicidal Listener Live on Air

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It is a devastating reality that there are millions of people out there who experience suicidal thoughts, and it is even more devastating that a lot of these people go through with the terrible act.

But there are people out there who want to help and British radio presenter Iain Lee is one of them.

Keep scrolling to learn about how the host saved a suicidal man’s life live on air…


It is truly heartbreaking to know that so many people around the world chose to take their own lives after struggling with so much pain and anguish.

According to the World Health Organization, close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year – which is one person every forty seconds.

And it can take just one life event for a person to begin their downward spiral into depression.

It is utterly devastating that people experience these thoughts and feelings…

But thankfully, there are kind souls out there who work tirelessly to help these people in need.

There are so many selfless individuals who will go out of their way to make sure a person struggling is okay – this can even be something as small as a phone call or a text message.

Iain is a British radio host and presenter who initially began as a stand-up comedian in London.

He hosts the Late Night Alternative that runs between 10 pm – 1 am, and he has become a very much loved host across the U.K.

But earlier this week, the show received a call that they will more than likely never forget.

And the man explained that he had spoken to Iain on the show before.

He said, “I’m having a hard time at the moment. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I’ve taken tablets.”

He responded by saying, “All I want you to do is tell my producer your address so she can send an ambulance round.”

Iain said, “You know what would upset her more? If she found you dead in the morning, wouldn’t it? As a human being, I can’t let you die tonight.”

“You’ve done a really good thing Mark, thank you. The world will not be a better place if you’re dead. It will be an ever so slightly darker place,” the radio host told the struggling man.

“I promise you that, because you’re a good man, and I don’t want you to die,” he went on to say.

Mark gave his permission to Iain to let listeners know that he’s okay, and the radio host said he would be talking to him the next day.

And many people praised him for being so patient and caring during such an intense and difficult moment.

Back in 2018, he spoke to a caller who revealed that he had taken an overdose and was lying in the street.

And Iain said to him, “Tell you what, Chris – I don’t want you to die tonight. I need to know what street you’re on. I want you to get through tonight and chat to me tomorrow when you haven’t got a load of drugs in you. I don’t want you to die tonight because I love you. I love you, brother. I love you.”

And fortunately, a police officer took over the line and confirmed with Iain that she had found Chris and was dealing with the situation.

Iain is truly a remarkable man…

And he should be used as an example of how a few kind words can go such a long way. Keep scrolling to learn about how some of the most unlikely people can struggle with suicidal thoughts…