Rare Giant Squid Tries to Ride Guy’s Paddle Board

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The ocean is home to millions of species of weird and wonderful sea creatures.

Especially in warmer waters, what you may come across when venturing far out into the ocean is completely unpredictable.

One man came across the unexpected recently when paddleboarding in the warm waters of South Africa as he encountered a rare species of giant squid. The squid, however, was injured and was in urgent need of attendance.

Luckily for the squid, this man has a heart of gold, so keep scrolling to learn about this heroic story…

At the end of the day, the ocean is home to countless sea creatures and we must make ourselves aware of the fact that we may very well be trespassing into the homes of some rather intriguing animals when we pay a visit to the beach.

With the majority of shark attacks, the sharks involved more than often mistake us humans for their more typical prey such as seals and turtles. Surfboards bear an uncanny resemblance to a turtle in a shark’s eyes…

Squids are usually deep-dwelling animals and are very rarely seen close to the surface – hence why not many are spotted by swimmers and boats.

According to BBC Earth, the Kraken began to move from myth to reality, thanks to the Danish naturalist, Japetus Steenstrup. “He examined a large squid beak, about 8 cm (3 in) across, that had washed up on Denmark’s shores several years earlier.”

“After this monster has been on the surface of the water a short time, it begins slowly to sink again, and then the danger is as great as before; because the motion of his sinking causes such a swell in the sea, and such an eddy or whirlpool, that it draws everything down with it,” Norwegian writer, Erik Pontoppidan, described.

The giant squid has never been reported to attack unprovoked. They live off a diet that consists of smaller fish, crustaceans, and other, smaller species of squid.

There’s a reason why they’re called the giant squid…

They can grow up to a whopping length of forty-three feet, which is pretty huge if you think about it…

He lives in South Africa and the warm waters of this part of the world are home to numerous species of squid… including the giant squid.

His Youtube channel features many videos of him surfing, snorkeling, and diving, which allows him to meet numerous sea creatures.

James created FanCam, a company that delivers in-depth photographic coverage of events by digitally stitching hundreds of high-resolution pictures together to create one giant, hyper-detailed composite image of an event.

While they were paddling through the peaceful waters of Melkbosstrand in South Africa, they spotted a giant squid floating and bobbing above the water’s surface.

He decided to try to help the squid by lowering a rope into the water to assist it.

James intended on using the rope to pull the squid along with the board so that he could properly inspect the giant, but it clearly wanted to hitch a ride in a more practical way…

A wave knocked James into the ocean, which seemed to make the squid take a tighter grip onto the board.

This made it apparent that the squid was, in fact, injured, and was simply hanging on in a bid for survival.

And James began gently dragging it along behind him.

The squid was brought to shore, which gathered a large crowd, and, with James’ background, it can only be assumed that the squid was tended to and returned back to the ocean.

One user wrote: “It was clearly dying/dead when they found it… I’m no expert but a squid wouldn’t just float around for fun at the surface and let itself get tied up and dragged to shore with hardly any movement.”

Another user wrote: “I have a question for all you wusses on this video. Imagine this. Both of your legs are broken and both of your arms are torn off, would you want to keep enduring the pain or no longer feel the pain by getting shot in the head? This situation I just made you imagine is really similar to the scenario in this video. The squid was in pain, So they ended its suffering.”

It seems that James and his wife did the right thing by bringing the creature to the shore to try and help it as much as possible. From the comments left on the video, it’s looking likely that the squid had been bitten by a shark and that it was more than likely going to die if it had been left to fend for itself. James was simply trying to do what he could to prevent that from happening, whether it worked or not. Up for more fascinating sea creature content? Check out these sea creatures that are so peculiar that you won’t even believe that they really exist.