A person's hair is one of their most prized possessions so keeping it looking healthy and tame is a constant goal for some. So while a lot of people go to the salon to get rid of grey hair, others go to embrace them.

A hairdresser called Jack Martin helps his customers love their natural hair by giving them a makeover so they can see all the beauty in it.

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There are plenty of us out there who take our hair very seriously.

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A person's hair is often the defining feature of their overall appearance so, understandably, many of us take immense pride in our heads of hair.

Many use it as a means of expressing themselves...

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Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, no hair... There are so many ways in which you can style your locks.

Some people are simply terrified of not being able to maintain their hair...

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From losing their locks to exposing their gray, it can be because of an array of different reasons.

Believe it or not, but there's actual psychology for some of these reasons.

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New York City clinical psychologist, Vivian Diller, explained how some people's heads of hair are a lot more than just hair to them. "Some women/men view their hair as an aspect of their identity," explained Diller. "It's very internal..."

But people who hold this kind of love for their own hair claim that it is completely normal...

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And some even insist that a person's hair is the primary source of their beauty so they want to maintain it to the highest of levels.

It's no secret that a lot of men and women try and disguise their greys...

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I mean, no one wants to be constantly reminded that they are getting older, right? But that's what happens when you start getting grey hair. It starts in the center and feels like it's taking over.

But rather than just dyeing his clients' hair, this one hairdresser takes a different approach.

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Jack Martin helps his customers embrace their greys by giving them a transformation that they'll appreciate. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Ombre.

This look took Jack a total of 7 hours to complete and we can see why. It looks amazing!

2. Short Style.

"This gorgeous client was extremely tired of coloring her hair every 3 weeks so we decided to match her hair with her roots ."

3. Sleek.

Another trendy cut. This look took a total of 9 hours.

4. Roots.

"Matching the pattern of the natural regrow is very important for blending the hair color, but don’t be afraid to add extra wider silver strands to make the hair more glamorous, we don’t want our ladies to look like just a grey hair growing out," Jack said.

5. Highlights.

A lot of Jack's clients are sick and tired of having to color their hair so often, so they opt for this grey look.

6. Artistic.

"Some ladies they only have heavy grey around their front hairline the same as this beautiful client of mine who came from Arizona and I just framed her face with silver strands to blend her hairline grey roots to blend with the length of the hair in an artistic way."

7. Dark.

Some of the clients even go for a whole new hairstyle with their new splash of color.

8. Shine.

Wow! This is a gorgeous transformation.

9. New Light.

The layers in this look are beautiful.

10. Light Tones.

This look took 9-10 hours to achieve. Stunning!

11. New Styles.

Even people that don't have grays yet want to be able to embrace the look.

12. A New World.

"This beautiful client had almost black hair with lots of damaged areas due to previous over-processed highlights that has been covered again with black color. The goal is to give her icy blonde color to blend with her 80% grey roots." Mission accomplished!

13. Little Grey.

Jack said: "The hardest service you can perform in a hair salon is striping artificial color from the hair." But he managed it and the results are amazing.

14. Blend.

This blend of blonde and grey is absolutely gorgeous. We love it!

15. Combo.

This two-toned look really works for this client!

16. Transformed.

Matching the pattern of the natural regrow is very important for blending the hair color" Jack explains, "but don’t be afraid to add extra wider silver strands to make the hair more glamorous, we don’t want our ladies to look like just a grey hair growing out."

17. Icy.

This icy silver look if fierce. Wow.

18. Trendy Bob.

This beautiful look took about 8-9 hours to complete.

19. Pearl Ice.

This ombre look has us rushing to the salon to get our hair done too.

20. Short Trim.

10 hours to achieve this gorgeous hair? Count us in.

21. Sleek Grey.

This look could only be achieved once the artificial dye was stripped from the hair and it was so worth it.

22. Front Fringe.

This client is rocking this look!

23. White Blonde.

This platinum look is a big risk but when you look as good as this, it's worth it.

24. Ashy.

Another 10-hour service to achieve this gorgeous style. Jack is very dedicated to this cause.

25. Long Locks.

This is what Jack refers to as "level 10 pale blonde" mixed and toned with "with Wella blondor new permanent toner in pale platinum."

26. Glam Grey.

Embrace that grey, girl! We love it!

27. Sharon's New Look.

We have never seen Mrs. Osborn look so bloody amazing! This look took a total of 8 hours and has allowed her to stop having to dye her hair every week.

28. Volume.

Simply stunning.

29. International Greys.

This client flew all the way from Argentine just to get her hair colored by Jack. What an honor.

30. Pearl Ash Blonde.

I need this look.

31. Grey Parting.

This is what embracing your greys looks like.

32. Two Tones.

And of course, the look works on every single skin tone. Look at how beautiful this client looks with her new grey hair.

33. Confidence.

It's just a breath of fresh air once you've undergone the transformation. As soon as salons open again, we're totally booking ourselves in. If you want to see some more amazing hairstyles, then keep scrolling because there's also another trend in town...