Real Estate Agent Posts 25 of the Worst Home Design Finds by Her Fellow Agents | 22 Words

Finding your dream home can feel like an impossible task sometimes. You've got an image in your head of what you want, you've got a Pinterest board full of inspiration, but every place that you view falls short.

But, at the end of the day, when you see a property that doesn't fit the bill, you can simply count it out, no big deal, right? But take a moment to consider the arduous task that real estate agents are faced with day in day out when they are given the responsibility of finding homeowners for the places that are certainly not what anyone would consider a "dream."

One real estate agent has shared twenty-five of the most difficult properties to shift - with the worst home designs imaginable.

I've got an itching feeling that I'm probably going to love some of these...

But I guess that a carpeted bathroom isn't for everyone!

Feeling inspired?

Real estate agent, Venessa, collected the weirdest housing designs and shared them on Facebook. But it's up to you whether you deem the designs weird - beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

A messy house is a hard sell...

I imagine that one of the hardest jobs of a real estate agent is to market a really messy house. If the previous owner was a fan of clutter, it can make the potential of the property on the market hard to see.

The old freshly-baked cookies trick...

The classic way that real estate agents reel in potential buyers is by filling the prospective property with the smell of freshly baked cookies - showing them just how good things could be if they were to buy the property. The cookie trick tells potential buyers that they might just eat regular Oreos and spend their free time strewn out on the couch now, but, if they were to move into their property, they would spend their time following much more humble pursuits, like baking and keeping a clean and tidy abode. People really fall for that stuff.

The estimation...

It can be awkward to let someone know how much their property is worth.

But, once you put on that red blazer...

You have a duty to say it how it is. Or at least to say it how it is while sugarcoating everything. "Here, we have a smaller-than-normal bedroom - it's really the size that gives it such cozy, comforting vibes, don't ya think?"

1. Stairway to heaven?

What better way to reward yourself for climbing a flight of stairs than having a bath in the... well, you can hardly call it a room, can you? A bath-ledge more like.

2. The alleyway toilet.

Those with a large frame need not apply...

3. Remember playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

This chandelier kind of reminds me of that. I don't know what happened here, I guess they didn't think about where the electric socket was when they installed the ceiling plaster coving. Rookie error.

4. Carpeted walls, you say!

Now I actually like this one - I guess maybe it falls into the "weird and wonderful" category. It's probably not very hygienic to have carpet in your bathroom, though - just have to be careful about splashback.

5. A bath fit for a king!

This was most definitely a case of having an idea, executing said idea, and it looking nothing like you imagined it would. Oh, to dream!

6. How would a good real estate agent handle this quirky feature?

I'd either go with "easy access" or "studio space."

7. When can I move in?

I'm currently looking for a studio flat, and I am yet to find one with a bath next to the bed. This is certainly going on my Pinterest board.

8. A window for pets.

Do not be fooled into thinking that this door has been put in the wrong way round. In actuality, this innovative door ensures that pets can get a clear view of the mailman - ideal!

9. Love is being able to pee in front of one another...

What's more intimate than peeing in front of your partner? Doing a number two, of course!

10. Welcome to the boudoir...

If you're into a ceiling mirror and a classy bath/bed set up, then, surely, this bedroom is just the ticket. That being said, some people might think that this bedroom screams seedy, and, if you're looking for more sensibility, this won't be for you.

11. Bringing a new meaning to "dinner party."

I can see how this one is a bit weird, but, I mean, what if you like to eat in the bath? Some people do! Why not be close enough to the sink to do your dishes right after your soak? And you can save water and wash your dishes whilst you soak! (Just joking, geez, tough crowd.)

12. A kitchen with character.

Moroccan inspired, maybe? I like this kitchen, too. If you're someone after a kitchen that's bright, white, and without a mark in sight - this kitchen probably isn't for you.

13. Not one for the vegans.

Some people paint their kid's bedroom walls with a blue sky and clouds (my mom and dad), other people opt for painting a cow across the wall of their kitchen. It's certainly different, I'll give them that. I'm not sure that they thought about what would happen when it came to moooving though...

14. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Why, in good heavens, is my sink so small?

15. Should've, at least, gone for an orange toilet, too...

Maybe they decided that they weren't so fond of orange by the time they got around to the toilet. "Let's get a white one, we don't want the orange to be overpowering..."

16. Windows, lots of.

One Facebook user commented: "Finger slipped on ctrl+v."

17. They called him mellow yellow...

... Quite rightly.

18. What's wrong with this? Oh. Right.

Look closely, and this seemingly normal living room has a pretty strange variety of curtains. Not only do these curtains fail to provide any blocking of light from the window, they also fail to do anything but look dumb. Maybe this ex-homeowner kept their jewels in a safe behind the mini curtain? But then what do they keep behind the other one? The key to enter the next realm?

19. I am never getting curtains!

Sorry, neighbors and passers-by, but this thread has only gone and put me off curtains for life.

20. For the surfers out there?

Why not imagine that you're riding a big wave while you're scrubbing your lasagna tray?

21. Reclaimed wood.

Now I can imagine the thought process of this designer: "Oh, hey, that old wooden fireplace could make a decent shelf above the sink." Only I think that they probably should have cut down the fireplace, leaving only the ledge bit for the toothbrush holder, dental floss, etc... We live and we learn!

22. Moth infestation.

I don't think that this is bad-weird at all, and I know plenty of people that think that moths are pretty cool and would happily have a moth toilet seat but, eh, I'm sure that there's plenty of people that wouldn't, too. A toilet seat is easily removed - it's not like they had moths embalmed into the window glass, right?

23. This bathroom gives me a headache.

I don't know what I dislike more, the mirrors, the trippy and badly-drawn paradise image (which gives me flashbacks of the grotty paradise mural at the bowling alley that I used to work in), or the strange inner structure that makes it seem a little like some elaborate magician's trick. This bathroom would definitely not relax me in the slightest.

24. The '80s will never die.

I don't mind this 80's print really, it's inoffensive, it's not all over the shop, and it's relatively cheerful. Let's just say, I think that, coming to the end of this list, we've seen worse, right?

25. Built-in child gate?

I mean, the lower ground fence is unnecessary, but whack a couch in front of it and hey presto! Good as new. Maybe I should've got into real estate...