Woman Who Claims To Have the ‘World’s Biggest Lips’ Wants To Make Them Even Bigger Despite Risks

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Andrea Ivanova, who has labeled herself as a “real-life Barbie” and has the “world’s biggest lips” has already undergone twenty-five injections to get her eye-watering pout…

But her cosmetic journey isn’t quite over yet!

The twenty-three-year-old from Sofia, Bulgaria says there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her from making her lips even bigger.

According to The Daily Star, her doctor has warned her that it could potentially be “fatal” so she needs to pay attention to any pain in her lips now and with future procedures.
As well as increasing her lip size, Andrea also wants to boost her breast size and reconstruct her entire face.

The “real-life Barbie” insists that she will not stop the acid injections…

And despite the risks and everyday complications that come with having such huge lips, such as eating meals- she still wants more.

“I will soon do new facial procedures, change its shape, make different contours and shape the chin.”

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Andrea also wants to undergo facial reconstruction surgery too, as well as tweaking her already surgically increased 75E cup breasts to a H cup instead.

She spent £3000 ($4,191.01) on her breast augmentation which took her C cup up by a staggering 4 sizes.

It’s “go big or go home” with Andrea, clearly!

“I am known both in Bulgaria and around the world, so I am obliged to share with my followers what is happening in my life, as well as about each of my new interventions.”

Andrea currently has 1453 followers on the social media platform TikTok.
“I decided to enlarge my breasts because I think it is much more feminine and beautiful for a woman to have a lusher bust. I also want to mention that in time I will undergo another operation to enlarge my breasts even more.. I have even bigger implants because for the first operation there was a limit for the cubes I can place – but my second operation will be something ‘wow’.”

There’s no denying that Andrea’s appearance is extreme…

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But as long as she’s healthy and happy, that’s all that matters!