‘Real Life Rapunzel’ With 6ft-Long Hair Is Sending People Wild With Stunning Disney Princess Looks

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Many of us dream of having super long, luscious locks. But one woman from Odesa, Ukraine has achieved a truly remarkable feat of hair growth, and the internet can’t get enough!

Meet hair model Alena Kravchenko. Her unbelievable hair has led to comparisons between her and the main character of Disney’s Tangled – and it’s not hard to see why.

“I love Rapunzel. Every young girl has a dream and I am no exception,” Alena tells the Daily Star. “I dream to star in the film Rapunzel because the length and color of my hair are very close to the image of a fictional character.”

Her Rapunzel-inspired photoshoot really shows off Alena’s hair to its fullest potential. “While this is just a dream, one of the photographers from Ukraine suggested that the plot of the cartoon be conveyed as much as possible in beautiful and colorful photographs,” she said.

“The preparations for the photoshoot went on for several months to choose the right and suitable locations, sewing the outfits, and purchasing the necessary requisites, including the unusual hairstyle-braid with flowers. To make the image look as similar as possible to Rapunzel, I wanted to think over everything to the smallest detail. The shoot took place in my hometown and all the locations were selected very perfectly. I hired a photographer from another city to take the fabulous photos that I am now ready to show the world how the well-known cartoon Rapunzel looks like.”

It’s safe to say that Alena’s hair gets her a lot of attention. “I love to stand out from the crowd, I love being compared to a princess because it makes me a unique and unusual person. Men love natural blondes and with this length, I am always the center of their attention both among locals in my city and on social networks. Many people in the city know me and every time they see me they admire my length and rare golden hair color.”

She’s been growing out her hair since the age of 5 and has a rigorous regime to maintain its health and appearance:

“I wash my hair once a week, the washing process itself takes about thirty minutes, but before that, I do a strengthening mask, which I walk around with for about an hour. I never dry my hair with a hairdryer, I do not comb it when wet, I blot it very gently with a towel to absorb excess moisture. My hair is a result of years of hard work, not the result of just a few months.” And as for any advice for those wishing to achieve similar hair lengths of 6 foot 6? “Advice from me to those who want long and healthy hair is that each woman is able to grow their hair long like mine with great desire and aspiration.”

Will you be taking on the challenge?