Real-Life ‘Taken’ Occurs as Mom Tracks Down 10 People Involved in Daughter’s Murder One-by-One

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One badass mom stopped at nothing when trying to track down her daughter’s murderers in what some are calling a “real-life Taken,” but her efforts had some catastrophic consequences.

We all remember Taken, right?

The 2008 movie is a total classic.

As the dad on a mission to exact revenge on his daughter’s kidnappers.

And after she is kidnapped by a human trafficking ring, Neeson takes action.

Flying over to track down those responsible, one by one…

But now a real-life version of the story has surfaced – and the internet is loving it.

Karen was taken 3 years ago by the notorious Los Zetas cartel, known for kidnapping many civilians.

So Miriam decided to take matters into her own hands, tracking down all ten of the individuals responsible for Karen’s death.

Miriam was murdered by gunmen who broke into her home in San Fernando, Mexico.

She played various roles including a health worker and elected official in order to access the addresses of those she needed.

She’s become a hometown hero, with a plaque honoring her incredible work in the local town square.

Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca said on Twitter that the state government “will not allow the death of Miriam Rodríguez to be one statistic more” – so let’s hope change is made in Miriam’s honor. For more on Cartels, scroll on for what extreme measures cartels in Columbia took to those breaking coronavirus rules…