20 Really Trashy People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself | 22 Words

Trashy people, they really are the bane of humanity's existence. Everywhere you look, there they are – delving into the depths of stupidity, plunging headfirst into the morass of morally questionable behavior.

Trashy people only have one redeeming quality – they make you seem better by comparison. Here are 19 trashy people who will do wonders for your self esteem because they're so dumb.

1. Who did this?

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We don't even know what to say here. There's a trash can less than a step away from the curb, and yet these savages still did this.

2. Poop inside

How is this possible? Seriously – how? We truly don't understand.

3. Ingenuity?

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We can't decide if this is clever or trashy. Trashy, it's definitely trashy.

4. How do you get two?

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This is a very serious question. Usually one is enough...

5. Proposal

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This is so vulgar we don't even know what to say. Teens these days? Romance is dead? Chivalry is gone? We can't even right now.

6. A marriage proposal?

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This literally can't be real. It just can't be. It takes a special brand of idiot to propose to someone in this revoltingly dimwitted way.

7. Eating smoke

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He's talking about weed right? The Gatorade bottle is a bong right? Family values ain't dead, we tell ya...

8. Keeping it real

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Just because you're in jail does not mean your social media life stops. What's next, intimate pictures of the cellblock for the 'gram?

9. Waifu material

First of all, what the heck is a waifu? We're assuming it's anime speak for wife, but with the picture  behind it, we can't be sure...

10. Pure trash

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Maybe we're sheltered, but we didn't realize there are actually people in the world like this. Thankfully, the Southlake, Texas police department has it covered.

11. Huh?

That's our question – huh? Cause we don't understand how or why or for what reason.

12. Instant appetite suppressant

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We understand that Subway is fast food and that you can be just about as casual as you like. That being said, this isn't casual – this is disgusting.

13. White trash

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Well, at least he or she announced it. Very kind of them, actually. This way, we don't have to go guessing...

14. Trashy tattoo

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Look at the tattoos, particularly the one on the left. Do you see that? Trash.

15. Keep nature pristine, they said

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These people, obviously, didn't listen. Who are these savages, these ravagers of mother nature? This is how you start forest fires. Or cholera.

16. Daddy may choose the D...

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We can't. We just can't.

17. No grocery carts

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Question – why would someone take a grocery cart to an apartment? Is this something that people actually do? We're super confused.

18. Clipping toenails

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We understand you need to clip your toenails, but there's such a thing as a trashcan. Why not use it?

19. Beavis and Butthead tattoo

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Yeah, this is pure trash. Why would you have these particular tattoos? Why would you have them placed exactly there? Trash.

20. Milf makeup

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This is an obscenity from top to bottom. From the packaging to the name, everything is just pure and utter garbage. Send this post to make your friends feel better about themselves as human beings.