Another day, another thing black folk didn't ask for. It seems as though some people are more focussed on trivial things as opposed to making an actual change to help the BLM movement progress further.

The latest involves canceling the word "master" to describe bedrooms and bathrooms but the reason for doing so might not be what you're thinking.

Keep scrolling to find out why it has come to this as well as people's opinions on the matter.

All across the country, people are coming together to stand up against racism.

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Ever since George Floyd, an unarmed and defenseless black man, died while being held in a police restraint, our country has experienced a wave of anger like never before.

The Black Lives Matter movement is more prominent than ever...

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And millions of people have been marching for the racism and injustice in this country to come to an end once and for all.

However, not everyone has been so supportive of the movement.

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While the majority of people have been in favor of the movement, there is a small minority who have been speaking out against it.

In an attempt to mask their racism, they have been going by the ideology of "All Lives Matter"...

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You know, almost as if white people have a long history of pain and suffering as black people do?

It has all been completely ludicrous.

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Despite the growing awareness around racism, countless stories of prejudice against people of color still continue to emerge.

Now, most of these people are coming from far-right groups...

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So most of us aren't too shocked.

But we are shocked about how "cancel culture" seems to be stealing more headlines than actual issues.

This tweet describes what I mean perfectly.

Black people aren't even asking for these things...

Unless they matter.

Yet there have been multiple companies and other white people making these complaints.

Why? Is this their lame attempt to hijack the movement and make it seem ridiculous like, rather than fighting for equality, black people are fighting for petty changes?

No. That's other people...

And this directs attention away from actual problems and makes the entire movement seem ridiculous.

The latest cry for help comes from the real estate industry.

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Because one or two random people have been saying that the term "master bedroom" and "master bathroom" might have possible links to slavery, people have picked up on it and are trying to run with the idea.

Well, I did some research myself.

The term "master" alone, can be seen as socially problematic as over time it has developed fully negative connotations and should be avoided if possible.

But when you add "bathroom" or "bedroom" at the end of it, the context completely changes.

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Yes, that is what happens with words. They change depending on the context if you didn't know. So, those terms refer to the bedroom/bathroom belonging to the owner of the house.

But the state of Texas has taken these issues seriously.

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I mean, we can commend them for trying to make a difference but people end up clinging onto these trivial changes and forget that the police are still out here murdering black folk legally. So why don't we focus on changing that instead?

Upon hearing the news, people have taken to Facebook to express their concerns.

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"You don't need to change names, you need to change the system."

This user claimed she was "tired" of the "mockery" people were making of the movement.

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And it's true because these kids of things manage to side-track people and convince them that black people are not actually fighting for equality.

This black woman also agreed with that view.

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Change laws. Stop killing black people. Stamp out racism where it matters. In the workplace, at home, in bars and clubs. That's important.

But yet, here we are...

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People all over the world are here discussing these little things that have been blown way out of proportion because one or two people have tried to make a connection.

This comment really brought some sense to the table.

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People were wondering what's next? Master's degrees?

However, this user felt the change was necessary.

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Because it pushes forward the idea of change and minimizes "glorification."

Other people agreed too.

It was a thoughtful gesture if it was meant to be taken seriously.

But I'm just going to leave this here...

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