With the warm weather upon us, many of us might be tempted to sleep with the fan running overnight. But, an expert has warned that you shouldn't do that and the reasons why are very surprising.

Although fans are an ideal way to cool down from the heat, keeping them on all night may actually negatively impact your health.

According to Sleep Advisor, one of the downsides to sleeping with a fan is that it can make your allergies worse.

"As a fan moves air around the room, it causes flurries of dust and pollen to make their way into your sinuses. If you're prone to allergies, asthma, and hay fever, this could stir up a whole lot of trouble," Sleep Advisor explained.

"Also, take a close look at your fan. If it's been collecting dust on the blades, those particles are flying through the air every time you turn it on."

Another downside to sleeping with a fan is it can cause dry air which can create issues with a person's skin, eyes, and mouth.

"A constant blast of air on your body may cause dry skin. Lotions and moisturizers will help prevent this, but if your skin is excessively dry, use caution and monitor your skin to make sure you're not over drying it," the advisor said.

"Another thing to consider is that some people sleep with their eyes partially open. Weird, but it does happen! Again, a steady airstream will dry your eyes and may cause major irritation. If you wear contact lenses when you sleep, this is particularly problematic.

"Some people also sleep with their mouth open, and the excess airflow will potentially dry out their mouths and throats. Keeping a glass of water nearby can help, but do you really want to be woken up because of a dry mouth?"


Other reasons include it causing sinus irritation and sore muscles as "concentrated cool air can make muscles tense up and cramp."

However, Sleep Advisor explained that "the only reason to completely avoid one is if it's causing a health concern."

"If it is triggering allergy and asthma attacks or it's drying out your skin or sinuses, you might need a different model. Sometimes the equipment also gets excess buildup of pollen and particles that are impossible to remove. If that's the case, consider an upgrade."

Do you sleep with a fan on at night?