Rebel Wilson's weight has long been a subject of fascination in Hollywood. The once plus-sized star has noticeably slimmed down over the years as her career has blossomed - fitting a conventional Hollywood trope. But during the filming of her latest movie Senior Year, Wilson posted a video that has got the whole internet talking about her body - again!

Senior Year is a comedy about a 37-year-old woman who wakes up from a 20-year coma and returns to high school. While there, she reignites her status as a popular cheerleader - which explains some of Wilson's more bizarre outfit choices from behind the scenes!

But there was one video, in particular, that got everybody talking - an homage to Britney Spears. Wilson dressed up in a whole range of outfits from her iconic 'Crazy' video from 1999.

Wilson rocks several looks from the video, including a pink waitress uniform with pigtails, plus the famous shimmery green sleeveless shirt. She even rocks the famed vintage-style over-ear microphone in the true style of Ms. Spears.

Wilson also shares some sweet behind-the-scenes moments, including sitting in the hair and makeup chair and running lines alongside crew members to celebrate her last day of filming. She certainly bears a striking resemblance to Britney!

People are absolutely loving the video, with one Facebook commenter writing: "She looks healthy, and that's what matters. She will always be beautiful, but this, you can see how good she feels in her skin." "Wow, she looks good. Very cute," added another.

However, others expressed concern for the star's rapid change in appearance. One wrote: "She doesn't look happy at all, she never really smiles." This sentiment was echoed by other commenters, with one concerned fan saying, "She doesn't look as happy and outgoing as before though."

Another added: "She was already gorgeous ... only numbers." A fourth went a step further, saying: " She looks drunk."

Wilson claims the impetus to shift 65lbs was her desire to get pregnant after doctors advised she'd find conception easier if she was thinner. "So that's what started it – that if I lost some excess weight, it would give me a better chance of freezing eggs and having better quality eggs," she said, as per the Daily Mail. "At first it wasn't even for myself, it was thinking of a future mini-me and their quality. That's what kick-started it."

What do you think of Wilson's rapid weight loss? And will you be catching her latest movie when it comes out next year?