Remember Pizza Rat? Well a New Pizza-Loving Critter Has Stolen Our Hearts

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If you are having a boring day at the office, FEAR NOT! We are here to turn your day around.

Sure, they can be a little obnoxious and grabby, but they are most seriously cute. Their twitchy noses, furry nails. I love them.

Step aside bald eagle, I hereby nominate the squirrel as our new national mascot.

There. You happy now? Okay, now back to the story.

YOU DO! You love pizza! I love it too. Pizza rocks! Break me off a greasy slice of that cheesy goodness and let’s do this thing!

Everyone loves pizza, human and animal alike. Which is what makes this story so delectable. So, what exactly happened?

And while we know critters from all over the animal kingdom go crazy for our leftover scraps, it’s not everyday that we get to bear witness to its beautiful majesty.


The fact that Pizza Squirrel resides in D.C. only makes his story that much more relatable.

But frankly, that guy sucks compared to Pizza Squirrel. Pizza Squirrel all day!

In fact, the internet is chock full of fun loving dough-heads!  

This guy even got a full-color spread in a major newspaper!

I’d love to see this picture hanging in post offices around the nation.

They seriously love the stuff!

Wait, do squirrels have lips? But whatever the reason, we are just happy that these two have finally found one another.

And while I certainly will never get tired of talking about squirrels eating pizza, we don’t want to start encouraging them too much!

Heck, I don’t want them coming after MY precious pizza!

I will fight them to their yummy, furry death. Let’s hope they don’t start gettin’ squirrely.