Reporter Accidentally Drops the 'C Bomb' During News Bulletin | 22 Words

A news reporter was left a little red in the face this week when she accidentally uttered a highly offensive swear word on live television...

Now, reporting on live television will always be a risky business.

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Live TV leaves absolutely no room for error, thus putting reporters under a lot more pressure than usual.

Because if there are any mistakes, big or small...

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They will be seen by everyone.

And, thanks to the internet...

These mistakes will be around to haunt them for the rest of their careers.

Take this unfortunate newsreader, for example.

Clearly unaware she was reporting live at all, an Australian Channel 9 reporter swore openly when she messed up her lines. This will haunt her for years.

So, as you can see, reporters need to remain vigilant when reporting live...

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Because even the tiniest of hiccups will likely humiliate them in front of the whole nation.

It all sounds pretty stressful, doesn't it?

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Well, one reporter has recently suffered an embarrassing blunder when she fell into difficulty pronouncing a certain word.

It's always the "C word", isn't it?

Charlotte Goodlet, a reporter for the Australian news channel, 10 News, accidentally let the crude word slip while reporting a story about a Perth dentist who had been sentenced to jail time for treating patients while she was supposed to be in coronavirus self-quarantine.

However, Charlotte is no stranger to embarrassing on-air hiccups.

Earlier this year, the reporter took to Instagram to reveal that her pants had split just moments before a live cross.

She posted this picture...

Alongside the caption: "Moments before a live cross.....I had some “breaking" news of my own ... no one can accuse me of shying away from “cracking" yarns 🍑 #breezy."

Fans and fellow reporters were quick to praise Charlotte for her good humor surrounding the incident...

As well as her professionalism.

But her latest blunder may be the most embarrassing yet.

As stated earlier, Charlotte accidentally uttered an obscenity while reporting on a story about a Perth dentist who had been arrested for working during the lockdown.

At first, things seemed to be going well...

And she read her news story confidently and articulately.

However, things took a turn...

And, when trying to pronounce the word "counts", she accidentally said something a little ruder.

She said this:

"Nataliia Nairn was charged with eight c***s - counts - under the Emergency Management Act..." Remarkably, Charlotte kept her cool throughout and breezed through the rest of her report.

Of course, the hilarious moment has been quick to circulate online, which you can watch below.

However, Charlotte is yet to comment on her blunder. To read about more shocking moments captured live on air, keep scrolling...