A recent poll has shown that some Republicans still believe that Donald Trump will be "reinstated" in 2021... Yikes.

According to a new Morning Consult/Politico poll, a solid twenty-nine percent of Trump fans are still clutching onto the hope that their idol will be president again by the end of this year.


Seventeen percent also believe that it is "very likely" that he will be president again, while another twelve percent said it's "somewhat likely" that it will happen.

I mean, of course, it's a reach and a half as Joe Biden is currently serving his first term as President of the United States since his victory over the disgraced Republican nominee back in November.

Biden won the 2020 elections by a respectable 306-232 margin, stealing key swing states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


While both nominees reached over seventy-four million votes each, new records for any presidential nominee, we saw Biden slowly inch towards the finish line as the count came to a close on November 7th, ultimately ending the Trump era.

Of course, the controversial former president was not happy with the election results and quickly initiated a campaign to deem the country's democratic system "illegitimate" and "unfair."

From rumors of voter intimidation and the alleged recording of "extra votes", claims were being thrown around frivolously.


However, we all know this was all proved to be untrue as several investigations were launched into the matter, all ending in zero evidence to support his fraud claims. But the worst was yet to come. As Trump continued his tirade, on January 6th emotions finally boiled over as thousands of his most loyal followers headed to Washington to take part in the Capitol Riot. The event was witnessed by millions all over the globe who were all left speechless as violent insurrectionists broke into the government building while the House was finalizing the results of the election.

Members of his own party as well as other public figures were forced to condemn his actions.

But even a controversial move like that that didn't stop his most loyal fans from rallying behind him in his bid to get "reinstated" as the "true" leader of the free world.

And this poll just proves that even months after Joe Biden was formally sworn into the Oval Office, Trump fans are still holding onto the impossible - that the results will be overturned and suddenly Trump will be president again.

But not all Republicans are that deluded as thirty-nine percent of respondents believe it is "extremely unlikely" to happen.


Move on, guys, just move on.