Rescue Dog Paralyzed by Past Abuse Learns to Use Wheelchair and is Ready for Forever Home

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A paralyzed rescue dog named Teddy is finally ready for a forever home after learning how to walk again.

Teddy, who is a Maltese mix, now walks with the help of a specialized wheelchair after he was rescued by PAWS New England from Iran when his owner surrendered the dog.

Teddy made it to the U.S. just in time as he was one of the last dogs allowed into the country before a new ban from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took effect in July. The ban prohibits rescue dogs coming from high-risk rabies countries from entering.

Once Teddy got to Boston, PAWS New England discovered that the pup had suffered a spinal injury after he was abused by his previous owner’s boyfriend, causing his back legs to become paralyzed.

Thankfully, Walkin’ Pets fitted him with a wheelchair that has enabled him to enjoy life once again, and he’s finally come out of his shell!

[youtube caption=”Teddy%20from%20PAWS%20New%20England%20-%20Adopt%20Me!!!” site_id=20265823 expand=1 photo_credit=””] Teddy from PAWS New England – Adopt Me!!!

“When he got his wheels, he was happier. Teddy doesn’t realize there’s anything different about him. He acts just like any other dog! He deserves to have the same opportunities,” Teddy’s foster mom Leila said in a video.

Neurologists and canine rehabilitation specialists at Boston Animal Hospital PT feel that there’s a high possibility that Teddy will be able to regain movement in his legs with frequent training.

On their adoption page, PAWS explained that “Teddy is like most of the dogs we have (had) in our rescue – he’s adorable (aren’t they all though), he’s had something terrible happen to him but he hasn’t given up (most don’t), and this boy just wants to live his very best life (and he’s well on his way). But something about this guy, well is just special.”

PAWS New England also gave a note to any prospective owners, saying: “Teddy will require physical therapy for at least another 6-twelve months – we are prepared to cover fifty percent of the cost for the therapy if you require assistance. For the right home if 100% coverage is needed we can, of course, do this but if not needed those funds can go to another dog in need. His medical needs should be the same as any other dog and thus would be covered by his new family.”

Teddy is now searching for a forever home where he can be his energetic self and receive unconditional love and care from his new owners.

PAWS New England notes that Teddy loves children and thrives in an active environment, but it is unknown as to whether he’ll take to cats. You can learn more about Teddy via his adoption page.

And for those who just want to help the little pooch get the best out of life, PAWS New England is accepting donations for his medical expenses. Let’s hope this little pooch gets the second chance in life he deserves!