Residents Furious About Barack Obama’s 60th Birthday Party

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It’s the date you’ve all been waiting for. Big Barack Obama’s 60th birthday. Well, actually it’s not today. It was earlier in the week. But his birthday bash has just began – and some residents are really not happy about it.

Barack’s birthday began at a resort near his home in Martha’s Vineyard last night and, according to TMZ, if the pre-party is any thing to go off, the real party on Saturday night will be way bigger than previously thought.

Judging from photographs snapped nearby, there were a few dozen guests at the party, and nearby residents told TMZ that Martha’s famous vineyard is absolutely streaming with party-goers, all ready to celebrate the big six oh.

The formal party will take place inside a tent on the Obama’s estate, and the A-Listers invited include celebs such as John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Don Cheadle, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Kim Fields, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union. It’s also anticipated that Jay-Z and Beyonce, George Clooney and Stephen Colbert will also be in attendance.

But the exact number for tonight’s do remains unknown, but residents think hundreds could be in attendance, making it way bigger than an intimate family and close friends celebration.

And are the residents happy, well some of them are quite the opposite.

Some residents are furious that their Island has been taken over by the party. They’ve also said that Secret Service has been blocking roads and ordering people around.

Another concern? The Delta variant, which has recently become a huge issue in Massachusetts as well as everywhere else in the country, and everywhere else in the world.

And it’s not just the residents who are angry. Republican politicians and supporters alike have been taking to Twitter to call out the president too, such as Jack Posobiec who wrote: “Obama just had tons of people at his party. Maskless. No vaxx mandate. They are laughing at you.”

Another angry fellow wrote:

Obama is hosting a party inside a tent with over 700 people inside. But I can’t go to the gym, because We have a “pandemic”. “Rules for thee but not for me” We are on the edge of a class system Dystopian society.

Another one wrote:

Right now, the USA is reporting 100,000+ cases of Covid daily. Meanwhile, this weekend, former President Obama is about to hold a grand 60th birthday party with over 700 guests! THIS is liberal privilege.

Well, whatever happens, tonight will certainly be interesting. And tomorrow’s headlines even more so.