“Rest Energy”: A life-threatening piece of performance art

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Marina Abramovic’s 1980 performance piece “Rest Energy” involved her and her partner Ulay offsetting each other’s weight with a loaded bow between them…

She says about this piece,

In “Rest Energy” we actually hold one arrow on the way to our own body. An arrow is pointing to my heart.We have two small, little microphones on our hearts where we can hear the sounds of the heart beating. As the performance is progressing, heartbeats become more and more intense.It’s just four minutes and ten seconds, but for me it was forever. So it was really a performance about complete and total trust.

Here’s 30-second clip of the harrowing 4-minute ordeal…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tz-K4EC8hw expand=1]

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