Restaurant Calls the Cops on a Dinner Party of 25 People | 22 Words

A restaurant in Georgia called the police after guests refused to pay for a woman's thirtieth birthday...

Leaving the birthday girl with a whopping $2,200 check.


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TikTok videos shared by the woman's sister, Key, showed the scene unfold...

As the group celebrated Quandresha Brinkley's birthday at the Louisiana Bistreaux Seafood Kitchen.

Key said that Brinkley had reserved places for twenty-five guests...

And already agreed to arrange payment before the party.

"She said to have less credit cards but make sure people have cash," Key said Brinkley was told by the manager.

One video shows the group sitting in the restaurant as police walk over.

Key even shows the staggering bill for $2,204.30.

One officer appears to laugh at the scene as the manager tries to explain the situation to the customers.

Key later admitted that staff didn't even try to accommodate the party.


While the dinner was supposed to start at 6 pm, food didn't arrive until 8 pm, she claimed.

"Most people were complaining," she said. "Nobody had food."


Key admitted that extra guests attended the party, but they paid on their own separate bill.

Key added that when food did arrive "two or three plates" with the wrong orders came out...


She said that the check even had to be sent back a few times, as they were added to the bill.

"A lot of people felt like they were getting ripped off," Key said.

As a lot of the older guests didn't have a Cash App, and there were no ATMs in the restaurant, Key said guests had to leave to get cash out.

However, some chose not to come back at all...

Forcing Brinkley to pay for the whole thing.

But some think it was her own fault...


"The bill did get paid," Key said.


"Her [Brinkley's] friends brought other friends and they were the ones that ran. My sister paid money out of her pocket. She did make a reservation and she did talk about splitting the bill beforehand."

Key said police were called "way before" the bill came out.


She added that officers told her to post the incident on social media.

"He said 'Go on social media about it and tell them about the restaurant. Go to social media about how they treated y'all,'" Key recalled.


​In a statement made by the restaurant, Wendy Smith said: "While the incident on March 10th is unfortunate, reservations were made for 25 people and per our contractual agreement one bill would be presented to the host. 52 guests showed.

"Our policy is advance payment and attendance guarantee for large parties, however, our staff did their best to create a seamless experience for the additional 27 unexpected guests.


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"The police were called only when some of the unexpected guests refused to pay."

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