Restaurant Hit With $650 Bill After Diners Leave Without Paying | 22 Words

Working in a restaurant can be the absolute worst - and running one can be even more stressful.

You've got bills to pay, you've got staff to pay, you've got orders coming in and going out, it's not an easy job.

And what makes things much worse is when people come in and then run off without paying but that's exactly what happened recently in the UK and the restaurant were left with a HUGE $650 bill.

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Working in a restaurant can be a tough old job!

And people who haven't worked in the food service industry just don't get it.

You're sat around waiting for a snow day.

But newsflash - there's no such thing as a snow day when you work at a restaurant. People still have to eat, and that means you have to be there to cater to their every whim.

The concept of "holidays" also barely exists.

Your plans for New Year's Eve probably entail wearing comfortable shoes that you don't mind wearing for 10 hours in a row. Also, you've got to psyche yourself up for dealing with drunk people all night long.

And you're bound to forget a table every now and again.

Because your brain is running at a million miles a minute trying to remember table four's drink orders straight, grabbing table seven's extra napkins, and checking to see if the bar has your cocktails for table three.

Another negative?

Bit of a weird one but it's true - all of your money is wrinkly! No fresh notes here. Who knows where customers get their bills from? Sure, they all spend the same, but they can't all be used at the self-checkout.

And to make matters worse - some customers are just straight-up d*cks.

Do they think this is a game?

I think this guy is even worse, TBH:

First of all, this is a crappy thing to do to anyone. Secondly, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that $5 is not enough of a tip. (And yes, America needs to get its stuff together and actually pay servers an actual living wage, and it's bonkers that people have to tip for servers to make a living. But that's how it works right now, so you should be tipping. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to go out to eat.)

You're not above this level of pettiness:

But you'd never actually do this because you can't afford to make the customer angry and get an even lower tip next time. What a quandary!

This is amazing:

On the bright side, at least you know in advance that anyone who gives you a list like this one is going to be a pain in the neck. This next one is too real.

Some customers just don't get it.

Never underestimate a restaurant patron's ability to completely misunderstand something that couldn't possibly be made any clearer.

This is a bold move.

This guy seriously left behind his number and also tipped $3 on a $45 bill! Not a great first impression.

Anyone who's worked in a restaurant has been in this situation.

If there's only one piece of advice I could impart to restaurant goers, it'd be this: If someone asks to see your ID, just give it to them. If they don't ask, just drink your drink and shut the heck up about it.

Your fellow servers are basically family members.

Unless you closed. Then they are your mortal enemy.

Some days are harder than others.

Some people seem to forget that the person putting in their orders and bringing food out to the table is — shocker — an actual person with feelings. Don't be like those people. Next up is how you feel every time you work a double.

But recently one restaurant had THE WORST DAY.

How so? Well one entire table of people did a runner without paying, leaving the restaurant with a $650 bill.

The owner broke the news.

Eric Tavernier, who runs Les Enfants Terribles, said that the entire group of 12 stood up one by one and left the table after finishing their meal.

He had his suspicions about the group.

After they phoned up to book their table and ordered the most expensive dishes on the menu.

They refused to pay a deposit.

And insisted that they were sitting outside. But when they started to leave, other diners rushed out and started a 'street fight' with them for dash and dining.

The owner wants everyone to know who they are.

He said:
I feel kind of angry for myself but I can't really do any more about it so what I want is for everybody to know who they are because they will move about as they do and they will go to other places and they will keep doing it.
The maximum sentence for making off without payment is up to two years and a fine up to £1,000.