Teacher Retires in Blaze of Glory with a Blunt Letter About Bad Parents

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As parents, you try and raise your kids right so that when they go out into society — and to school — they treat people with respect. But once they’re out of your sight, there are other influences on their behavior, like teachers, for example.

That brings us to a letter written by a retired teacher that addresses the issue of parental responsibility.

Parents, understandably, see it as their prerogative as to how they raise their kids for later in life, rightly or wrongly.

Dress codes and how parents allow their children to make fashion choices have been a hot-button issue. However, schools have a responsibility to create a hospitable environment for their kids as well.

School administrators push back on parents’ ability to take time out for parent-teacher conferences as well. It may be difficult for working adults to make time, but this one’s a little more understandable.

They see it is a shortcoming of the school to actually deliver on their duties, so they pass the buck to parents. As mentioned above, it’s a tricky situation, and no one wants to be blamed for shaming one way or another.

She doesn’t pull any punches, and whether she’s right or wrong is totally subjective. What’s far less open to interpretation is the reaction of the parents, who went ballistic upon reading her claims. Check it out on the next page. It kicked quite the hornet’s nest.

When it was posted to Facebook, it instantly went viral and has more than 551,000 shares and counting.

People should work together, instead of blaming each other.

Where do YOU stand on this?