Retiring Boss Gives Staff $13 Million To Say Thank You

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A boss has gone viral after he gave his staff the incredible gift of $13 million, and his reason for the gesture is so wholesome…

And his incredible kindness has seen him go viral.

But, not everyone likes to work for someone…

Some prefer to be their own boss as opposed to working the typical 9 to 5.

Safe to see, people didn’t hold back.

This is insane and amazing, and it is extra amazing because hot dogs are probably the food that most resemble fingers.

I have so many questions. Who microwaves soda? Who wants warm soda? And who chooses Pepsi over literally any other soda?

What a way to start a conversation! Also, this woman (the one who clawed her ex-husband’s eyes out) is now my hero.

Oh man the inefficient processes I have been forced to adopt over the years make me nuts. It’s always because older people don’t understand technology.

She clarifies in subsequent tweets that it was, in fact, two full-time jobs, and he kept up this charade for at least a year-and-a-half.

I guess punting bouquets of flowers isn’t something you’re supposed to do when you work at Home Depot’s garden center. Who knew?

This is so many kinds of unacceptable I really have no words for this. This is no kind of task to assign to your hourly receptionist.

Sure, you can just “get” an elephant. Man, in case you needed any more evidence that conservatives are insane.

Um, yeah, unless you are like, a model or something, it is not OK to demand that your employees give you a “heads up” when they are going to change their appearances.

This is really endearing! And those gummy frogs are delicious.

This is horrifying beyond belief but also somehow not at all surprising. White men are monsters.

Working for someone else isn’t always ideal.

Chief Executive of Admiral, David Stevens, has given his employees a huge gift this week.

But, he has decided the time has come to retire.

David is sharing out a huge sum of money among the company’s 7,500 staff in south Wales and 3,000 overseas workers.

The parting gift means full-time staff will get $1,300, while part-time employees will receive $650.

“Saying thank you to all Admiral staff in this way is the right thing to do and I’m so proud and fortunate to have worked with such a special group of people,” he said.

“Their hard work and dedication has allowed Admiral to grow from a start-up to over 11,000 staff worldwide. And all of this while remaining a great place to work. “Thank you from myself and my wife to everyone at Admiral.”

David is far from the only generous boss, scroll on to hear about another…