Whilst we were all at home, doing our living-room workouts and making whipped coffee (remember that?), 2020 quickly became the year of accountability for celebrities, with one making headlines more than most.

This week, Ellen announced her show would be ending after 19 years on air.

Ellen in Toronto, Canada


Ellen has come under fire for a highly-publicised stream of scandals claiming she was incredibly toxic and had created feral and scary work environments.

There was plenty of talk about the star.

In July 2020 Brad Garrett tweeted that it was 'common knowledge' that Ellen wasn't as nice as her happy-go-lucky and charming television persona made her out to be.

In August, musician Phoebe Bridgers simply tweeted a clever pun but offered no follow up on her opinion of the talk show host.

But there was more concrete claims...

Most recently it was Australian entertainment reporter Richard Reid who had spoken out about his experiences with the famous 'Dory' voice actor way back in 1998.

Reid really didn't hold back.

Richard Reid


"You see, 22 years earlier, I had a first-hand taste of the DeGeneres brand of terror that left half her staff cowering for cover and the other half drowning in tears."

His stories of Ellen have left people pretty shocked.

Ellen and Anne in 1997


He said in his news.com.au article, that he was to interview her then girlfriend Anne Heche about her new movie. After arriving to the interview and feeling overdressed he haphazardly said to Heche (who was in a simple summer dress) "is that what you're wearing?"

Ellen then had something to say...

"No sooner had the words come out my mouth, Ellen comes charging around the corner, her eyes shooting daggers and lightning bolts right at me. 'You can't talk to my girlfriend that way. She can wear whatever she wants. Why do you even care what she's wearing?' The jolt of her rage left both Anne and I gobsmacked into momentary silence," he wrote.

This wasn't to be his only 'horrifying' encounter with Ellen. In 2004, they met again, this time at the Prada Store opening party.

Ellen and Anne in 1998


After politely asking Ellen for a simple interview, she apparently announced: "'Yeah, I'm not talking to you guys,' and walked straight over to my competition at Entertainment Tonight before robotically turning on her magic Ellen charm as the cameras began to roll," Reid wrote.

Richard Reid recalls horrifying experiences with Ellen


He concluded saying: "My interactions with Ellen lasted no more than five or six minutes in total, but it was enough for me to see the true colours behind her fake persona of sweetness and still send shivers down my spine more than two decades on."

However the Australian reporter wasn't the first to point out Ellen's ways. We all sat and cringed in 2019 when Ellen came head to head with Dakota Johnson over an invitation to a birthday party.

"Of course I liked you - you know I liked you." Ooof, you can hear the gentle creak of everyone cringing together.

Alongside this awkward moment there have been other cringeworthy opportunities such as Mariah Carey's (almost) pregnancy announcement, Justin Bieber's nudes and Taylor Swifts dating history.

Nevertheless, Ellen's true nature seems to be creeping up on her, and more and more celebs are coming forward with their own stories, not all of them awful but just enough to maybe taint her career forever.