Ricky Gervais Brutally Roasted Celebrities For Being Fake ‘Woke’ And Tom Hanks’ Face Was Priceless

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Last night saw the premiere of 2020’s Golden Globe awards, where the British reigned supreme yet again. Our favorite actors from across the pond swept up some major wins but the rest of the world managed to pull it back. Other than the award winners, there was another major talking point of the show: the Australian bushfires. The show became a platform to raise more awareness about the current climate crisis destroying thousands of acres of Australian land.

And with Ricky Gervais hosting the show for the final time, it became a night that will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Why? Because he made sure the audience was… entertained the only way he knows how to.

Keep scrolling to see the video of him roasting celebrities for being “fake woke” and their awkward reactions…

The star-studded night saw the world’s best actors come together to celebrate yet another successful year in the entertainment industry.

Our favorite actors and actresses across the pond stole the show, as they managed to sweep up a lot of the major awards including Best Actress (TV series), Best Director and Best Picture (drama).

The English film director received two awards for his World War I drama 1917 including the coveted Best Director and Best Picture (drama). 2020 seems to be looking good for Mendes as he recently got knighted.

“I really hoped this means people will turn up and see it on the big screen as intended,” he said as he took to the stage alongside the film crew.

Elton John’s followed 1917.

The biographical film also picked up 2 awards including Best Original Song.

Pheobe Waller-Bridge’s won her fair share of awards last night. Fleabag was awarded 2 awards including Best TV series (comedy/musical) and Best Actress (comedy/musical). And well deserved, I must say.

The Crown actress, Olivia Coleman, won the award for Best Actress (drama), and let me tell you, she had some pretty tough competition. Coleman stood alongside the likes of Jodie Comer, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman.

However, the biggest winner of the night had to be Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Even though the Brits seemed to dominate the show, we did see the Americans pull it back with 2019’s Hollywood blockbuster.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood came out on top, winning 3 of the major awards of the night.

This included Bard Pitt’s win as Best Supporting Actor. After two decades of a life without a Golden Globe, Pitt finally got a taste of what it feels like to be amongst the winners.

The actor was nominated for Best Actor (in a motion picture), but was beaten by none other than Taron Egerton for his role in Rocketman. I mean, if there’s one person to beat DiCaprio, it would be young, fake Elton John, wouldn’t it?

During his acceptance speech, Pitt decided to play on the iconic Titanic scene that everyone always seems to talk about. That’s right, the moment when Jack (played by Leo) sacrifices himself by letting Rose (Kate Winslet) lie on the floating door to keep out of the freezing water.

And it seems as though Brad also agrees with us! He started off his speech like this: I also have to thank my partner in crime, Leonardo DiCaprio. Before The Revenant, I used to watch year after year, his co-stars win awards and get up and thank him profusely and I now know why…”

“He’s an all-star, he’s a gent. I wouldn’t be here without you, man. I thank you. But still… I would’ve shared the raft.” And that’s all it took. That one line made the entire audience, including DiCaprio, burst out into laughter.

Last night’s Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais took to the stage and gave us a night to remember.

And he was taking no prisoners this year. Here are some of his most iconic jokes of the night, including the one that left Tom Hanks with a priceless “yikes” reaction.

“If you win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech,” he advised the stars during his monologue. It’s safe to say hardly anyone followed his advice…

“You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything, you know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.” Big yikes.

And Gervais was only just getting warmed up.

“We were going to do an In Memoriam section, but when I saw the list of people who had died this year, it wasn’t diverse enough. It was mostly white people. And I thought, ‘No, not on my watch.'”

“Kevin Hart was fired from the Oscars for some offensive tweets. Luckily for me, the Hollywood Foreign Press can barely speak English and they’ve no idea what Twitter is, so I got offered this gig by fax.” It was all in good nature guys.

And if you’re in the mood to read more about just how “offensive” Ricky Gervais can really be, keep scrolling!