‘Ridiculous’ Bathing Suit Sparks Confusion on Twitter

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We all know that expectations for women’s bodies can be a contentious issue online, but one swimsuit that has recently gone viral on Twitter has taken things to a whole new level – and the internet has had some hilarious responses.

Summer is around the corner which means the internet is about to be riddled with ridiculous ideas about what makes a “summer body.”

It’s tricky to be a woman – and unrealistic ideals about some mythical “perfect body” don’t make it any easier.
But one swimsuit has taken things to a whole other level.

Here’s the bathing suit in question …

It starts off fairly normally, but the further down you look, the weirder it gets.
The crotch length is surely ridiculous – right?

Well, it seems the internet agreed…

And one clever artist managed to fill in the blanks and show what the bathing suit designer was intending the model to look like.
How’s that for an unattainable beauty standard?

Another made this (eloquent) point.

Although it’s a little vulgar, they’re hardly wrong, are they?
“Dude my l*bia would be on full display are you kidding me?” another wrote.
“L*bia? You’d be able to see my [expletive] cervix. It’s a haaaard no,” added another.
But perhaps our favorite response of all came from the official Looney Tunes account.

​This ​is the body the swimsuit was designed for. Mystery solved!

“I’m not sure when this started but it seems like the main priority in modern swimwear design is giving women the most brutal wedgie imaginable.” a final user commented.
Would you wear this bizarre piece of swimwear?