You Don’t NEED These 30 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets, But You’re Going to Want Them In Your Life

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Load it up with your favorite ammunition (aka condiment) take aim and fire away. Get two and wield ketchup and mustard in each hand to start the most epic food fight ever.

This generous-sized coffee mug comes equipped with a stainless steel shot flask in a deluxe leatherette belt for “creamer” – wink, wink – or whatever else you might like to add to your java.

Beer me! BottleLoft attaches to the interior ceiling of your refrigerator via super strong 3m VHB adhesive. Simply peel and stick the BottleLoft to free up some space for whatever floats your boat. Or, in this case, your bottle.

Now you can not only dip things into other things without having to lug out – and then clean – that clunky fondue maker, these fondue mugs can also set romantic mood lighting with the candles used in the bottom while cheese or chocolate drips down the side of your mouth.

Yeah, I’m sure nothing could go wrong with this.

Even in death this victim continues contributing to society, protecting your countertops and tablecloths from scorching.

While it’s a little unclear why you would need to sharpen your carrots, this peeler and sharpener will allow you to do both while taking up minimal space in your kitchen drawer. Plus, cool looking carrots.

The term “muffin top” is often associated with body shaming of sorts, but why? Muffins are delicious, and now you can celebrate them by filling these jean-style cupcake molds with batter and baking up the bulge.

You know what they say about rabbits… before you know it, you’ll have a dozen new salt and pepper shakers around your house. Not really, but these will spice up dinner conversation with the in-laws.

Well, here it is. Your chance to take ground beef and shape it into a meat tube reminiscent of that quintessential American food – the hot dog.