20 Ridiculously Funny Memes That Are Almost Too Spot On

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We could all use a good laugh and these 20 memes are here to do just that.

They explore the weirdness inside all of us and the hilarity of everyday life with one quick joke, image, or video! So get those face muscles ready because they’re about to do some major smiling.

Especially when you are married to both your wife and your best friend, who is not your wife, but a guy named Dave.

I think it’s braised lamb shanks in a red wine reduction with garlic mashed potatoes and a fresh fennel salad. That guy can COOK.

That’s nice but I don’t have the same experience. Whenever I come home, my dog runs to me like, “How dare you leave me alone?! Don’t you ever do that again, you hear me?!”

This whole Instagram account is full of datable dogs and cats and other good boys who just want to be your friend. Amazing.

But what’re 20 minutes on Facebook or Twitter stalking people I went to high school with who I haven’t seen or talked to in 10 years?! The next one is too relatable…  

It’s like, I didn’t even know I had a mustache, you know? And I’m already self-conscious enough as it is.

What are pockets if not holes for your snacks?! Now, we just have to convince Big Pocket to make women’s snack holes just as big as men’s snack holes.

Ben’s Nan is just the sweetest. She has no f**king idea how the internet works, but she’s really cute.

I once knew a girl who wouldn’t kill spiders because she didn’t like the noise it make when you crunched them, so she’d tape them to the wall when she found them and waited for them to die like a psychopath.

Look at these fuzzy mushball owl babies!! I want them. The next one will have you crying with laughter…

She’s got to learn sometime that the world isn’t fair and her father has no mercy when it comes to dinner table games.

It would be really hard to watch the cape fly while you’re running with these things on. Just think about it.

Sure, bringing home sponges is better than leaving dead animals on your doorstep, but what?! Why?! Does he think they’re alive and that the humans now have to take care of it? What’s going on here?

Awwwww. This is so happy and nice! Maybe you should follow @HappinessHeroes for more positive messages in your feed every day!

If you’re not walking like a crazy alien bug wearing a man’s skin after leg day, you didn’t do leg day right. The next one is so precious…

How adorable is this mom?! Plus, she knows meme structure and how to text. She’s amazing on so many levels!

You know if you’re the spunky pug of your group of friends. Every group has one. Honestly, they’re more interesting than the yellow labs of the bunch.

There are just too many dang choices! You can take up the whole two hours you were going to use to watch a movie just looking for a movie to watch. What a terrible conundrum.

Look at this furry face! How could you say no to a stroll in the park with this awesome dude?

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