Rip Torn's Cause of Death Confirmed by Coroner | 22 Words

Earlier this year, actor Rip Torn sadly passed away aged eighty-eight.

You'll probably know Torn for his roles in Men In Black, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and The Larry Sanders Show, which earnt the star an Emmy Award, although his groundbreaking early work in the 1984 film, Cross Creek, also earnt the star an Oscar nomination.

As the devasting news of his passing broke, tributes have already poured in for the actor and comedian from many of his celebrity friends as well as heartbroken fans.

And now Torn's cause of death has been confirmed and his death certificate made public.

The Texas-born star enjoyed a career spanning 7 decades.

With his quirky name and undeniable humor, the star rocketed to fame in the '80s after starring in Cross Creek and has since enjoyed a successful career both on stage and on-screen.

But, sadly, the star passed away in July of this year.

According to publicist, Rick Miramontez, the actor died at home with his wife, Amy Wright, and daughters, Katie Torn and Angelica Page, by his side.

Acting legend, Will Smith, was amongst those leading the tributes to Torn today.

Smith, who starred alongside Torn in Men in Black, shared a picture of the pair on his Instagram.

American Gods author, Neil Gaiman, also paid tribute.

The British sci-fi Author reminisced about meeting Torn in the '90s - an encounter which went on to inspire the character of Mr. Wednesday in his fantasy novel, "American Gods."

Fans were heartbroken to hear the news.

The amount of tributes left for the star proves that he touched the lives of many, as numerous fans took to Twitter to react to the upsetting news.

Many stars offered tibutes to Rip.

Including Family Guy's Seth McFarlane, who called him "unforgettable."

Rob Schneider also shared on social media.

He fondly recalled working with the "incomparable" star.

Seth Rogen was another to speak out.

He shared memories of Torn's incredible comedic talent.

Rob Lowe also happily remembered working alongside the star.

He called the legend "so funny, original and intense."

Actor Albert Brooks also offered condolences.

It's clear the actor was one of a kind - and truly a great loss to Hollywood.

And now more details have been revealed.

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For several months, Torn's cause of death had been kept under wraps.

Images of Torn's death certificate have surfaced.

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And they confirm that the star died "due to (or as a consequence of) Alzheimer's dementia."

He was diagnosed years before.

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But it eventually claimed his life at his home in Connecticut this summer.

It's clear the star will be missed.

Alongside being an exceptionally talented actor, it seems he was also an all-around great guy.

And sadly, Torn isn't the only celebrity to have passed away this year.

In fact, 2019 saw the loss of many incredible stars. Scroll on for the full list.