Rob Lowe’s Sons Keep Trolling Him on Instagram and It’s Amazing

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Rob Lowe is one of America’s most loved actors. His career has spanned over three decades and he has been involved in almost one hundred projects (he has ninety-nine acting credits according to his IMDb…)

You might remember seeing Lowe in 1985 classic coming of age movie, St. Elmo’s Fire; the cult classic 1992 comedy, Wayne’s World; the 1999 presidential drama series, West Wing; and, in more recent years, as the loveable fitness fanatic, Cris Traeger, in the hit TV-show, Parks and Recreation.

But, despite an impressive acting career, a sea of adoring fans, a couple of Actors Guild Awards, and a goddam Golden Globe to boot, Rob Lowe is no match for the trolling of his sons on Instagram.

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Lowe married his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, in 1991 after being introduced on a blind date in 1983. Aw. The couple are still together (not very Hollywood…) and they have two boys – well, men, really… the eldest, Matthew, is twenty-six and John is twenty-four. I think that this shot from the premiere of Sex Tape perfectly encapsulates the boys’ relationship with their famous dad.

The Lowe Files.

Proud dad, Rob, actually made a TV series alongside his two sons which aired in 2017. The show followed the Lowe men as they looked into unsolved mysteries and discussed spooky stories while traveling around America. The Lowe Files did not get renewed for a second series and The Hollywood Reporter described it as “a bizarre vanity project.” Ouch.

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Rather than actually watching him actually hanging out with his actual sons… Some people must have liked The Lowe Files, though, as it received an audience score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

Back in the day – we might have forgotten (or not been around to witness) – Rob Lowe was quite the hotty totty.

Look at his chiseled, fresh face in this interview with Entertainment Tonight in 1983. He looks like he’s been carved out of a slab of angel meat.

Nothing quite cements an actor in the realm of ultimate hotty like proving that they look smokin’ in the rain. Ordinary people look like drowned rats in the rain, but, as Lowe demonstrated in the 1983 movie, The Outsiders, he looks even better! And his character in this movie was called “Sodapop” – extra cute points for you.

There’s certainly a resemblance between twenty-four-year-old John Owen and twenty-something Rob…

I’m sorry, I still can’t get over how attractive young Rob Lowe was… but anyway, I think that cheeky smile suggests that young Rob was quite the comedian.

John Owen, is all grown up. No longer living at home with Rob and his wife, Sheryl, their youngest boy doesn’t have to live by his parent’s rules anymore – he’s no longer under the thumb.

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Speaking to Good House Keeping about his sons flying the nest, Rob stated: “My wife and I are also so proud. The way I look at it, our children are ours for a while, then they’re the worlds. But that transition is definitely not fun.”

If The Lowe Files demonstrate anything, it’s that the bond between Rob Lowe and his sons is strong. They seem like the kind of family that go on multiple vacations a year, don’t argue on camping trips, and get matching sweaters at Christmas.

He’s just such a nice guy! I think that he’s the kind of guy that, if you asked him to pick up your dry cleaning, he would without hesitation. He wouldn’t even question why this random person on the street had asked him, a Hollywood actor, and complete stranger, to do the chore. He’s just that nice.

Not one to take himself too seriously, Rob is a prime target for a troll attack.

They know you inside and out, they’ve seen you picking out your belly fluff and crying at Disney’s Up. They remember every fashion faux-pas and every dodgy haircut. No matter how popular or famous you are, a close family member can take you down in an instant.

Through the medium of Instagram, the twenty-four-year-old has, again and again, called out and teased his old man. The responses to Rob’s Insta shots really are golden.

We’ll start with a trolling entry from Rob’s eldest son, Matthew, because we can’t give all of the trolling credit to John Owen! It would seem that his older brother chips in from time to time, too. In this classic troll, he accuses his fitness-mad dad of wearing padding to accentuate his muscular body on the red carpet. Burn!

I mean, I guess no one wants to see their parent in their birthday suit. This smoldering selfie by Rob leads his son, John Owen, to comment with a pleading “no.” Personally, I think that Rob is looking pretty good for fifty-five…

In this trolling comment, John Owens asks if this picture of his father posing with storm troopers was taken on a flip phone. Sometimes, trolls just ask a pointless question to confuse those they are attacking – in this case, I suspect that it’s a bit of that, along with the added jibe at Rob being old. I guess using the term “posse” didn’t help Rob appear down with the kids, eh?

In fairness to Rob, I’m trash with technology too. Although I can manage to crop photos – just about… Young, and probably a technological whizz, John Owen teases his dad for not cropping this shot. He’s probably showed him a million times…

There’s nothing really wrong with not cropping an image, but, on Instagram, people expect quality.

#15 Dad, why are you so embarrassing?

For any fathers out there that ever feel down about the fact that their kids think that they are the most embarrassing creature to walk the Earth: don’t worry about it! I mean, if ’80s heartthrob, Rob Lowe, can’t get his kids to think he’s cool, then what hope have the rest of you got?

In this snap of Rob Lowe looking deeply into the eyes of Robert Downey Jr, Rob Lowe joked that the two actors were thinking about leaving whatever event they were suited and booted for in exchange for a more relaxed setting of takeout pizza and comfy sweats. Ever the troll, John Owen chirped up, questioning what on Earth his dad was talking about, insinuating that, without the context, his dad’s post is simply confusing – making Rob look like a right fool.

#13 “I’m sorry, are you not John Stamos?”

For years people, have been mistaking Rob Lowe for actor and musician, John Stamos, and vice versa. The two handsome men are actually friends and have joked about how they appear to be doppelgangers. When asked about the comparison while speaking on a panel, Lowe stated: “As a founding member of Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club, Stamos has been up for membership. So far, the board hasn’t voted him in yet.” The rivalry between the two actors is palpable, so for Rob’s son to suggest that Stamos could sell out a stadium, when Rob did not, is quite the cutting dig!

I mean, I will defend ’80s Rob Lowe and his angelic face until the end of the Earth, but, that being said, 2019 Lowe does have his cringy dad moments… Falling for a silly Instagram scam that encourages you to post a disclaimer that will supposedly mean that Insta can’t have the rights to your photos, Lowe showed his age. Instagram owns whatever you post, fact. Posting some garbled screenshot about keeping your posts private will not change that. Making his dad look ever more the fool, trolling son, John Owen, replied to the cringe post with a facepalm emoji and reminded his dad that his other son, Matthew, has a law degree. Tagging Matthew in the post, he tells him to “come get him…” ah, family love!

Give him a break, kids… he plays the role of lawyers and government officials, but that doesn’t mean that he has a clue what he’s saying.

Teasing his fitness fanatic father again, John Owen took to Insta to suggest that his dad should “maybe skip chest day for a while.” At first, I thought that this meant the day in the week in which Rob works on bulking up the muscles in his chest, but, now, I’m beginning to think that it could also be a request for his dad to quit posting pictures of his bare chest… because he does do that quite a lot…

There’s nothing worse than a troll that lets everyone know that the “candid” photo is very much staged. Rugged-looking and at one with the rugged nature surrounding him, in this shot, Rob Lowe looks like quite the wilderness survivalist. That being said, as John Owen points out, Rob only carried the knife in his pouch for the photo. “Ah, John, you ruined it! They’re not going to think I’m tough now…”

In an Insta post of Rob posing on a golf course at sunset with his youngest son and his Parks and Recreation co-star, Chris Pratt, John Owens commented that he does not like the photo. I mean, a photo of you with your dad and his work colleague captioned “threesome” is going to make you cringe.

#8 A public shame on you

There’s nothing like a public shaming and John Owen shames his dad for ignoring his text but having time to post on Instagram. Bad dad!

I don’t think that anyone wants to be compared to Michael Jackson in this day and age – maybe, you know, with the exception of his voice, I’m sure you’d take that as a compliment – but when John Owen commented under his dad’s ’80s throwback shot that he looks a little like the late Michael Jackson, I certainly don’t think that it was meant as a compliment. John Owen is certainly wrong with this one, though – Rob Lowe was gorgeous in the ’80s, why you lyin?!

Now, this is a double Lowe bro attack… John starts it off by claiming that his dad must have lost the game of golf to their gramps. His older bro then chimes in. It’s all golf nonsense anyway, I can’t quite understand what they’re going on about. Poor Rob just needs grandaddy to start trolling him and the whole family will be at it! Heck, why not get mom involved, too?

This post from John Owen’s Instagram account is just great. Taking the movie poster from Rob Lowe’s directing debut, “The Bad Seed,” John Owen photoshopped his face onto the body of the little girl who starred alongside Rob in the picture and teased that the movie was about their relationship. From all the trolling that he does, he probably is considered the bad seed!

This could be seen as a compliment, I suppose? But a backhanded one. To suggest that this picture displays his father’s “finest acting” kind of sets the bar pretty low, suggesting that the rest of his stuff wasn’t so good. Personally, though, I think that Aubrey Plaza (of course) wins best cutting comment on this Insta pic – with her simple, yet effective, eye-roll emoji. Classic.

As John Owen helpfully points out, to anyone who hadn’t noticed, that his dad shamelessly took this selfie with his Emmy nominations in the backdrop. Ah, leave him be – so what if he’s proud of his nominations? I think that it’s kind of cute that he’s got them all framed. Then again, after seeing ’80s Rob, I feel like I’d let him get away with an immeasurable amount of cringy behavior.

I have no idea who @peggyford is, but I’m guessing that she called out John Owens for whining about his dad’s “excessive” amount of topless selfies. In response, he explained to her that unfollowing “would be the easy way out.” So we can be certain that John Owen will continue to troll his dad! Matthew wades in on this shot too, teasing his dad about his use of lens flare. This pair won’t let Rob get away with anything!

I figured that we should end on the pic that John Owen seemed to be so disgusted that his father posted of all the pictures of his trip to Galapagos. I imagine that Rob shared hundreds of pictures with his kids of the trip via a family Whatsapp chat –  so many that they probably ended up muting the chat. And then, of all the pictures… John Owen doesn’t stop there, he goes on to call his dad “Lizard man” – which I think really cements this trolling in the top tier.

Let’s restore some of that dignity taken by his sons through their Insta trolling. Isn’t he gorgeous?