Robert Downey, Sr., the father of Iron Man star Robert Downey, Jr., and a celebrated filmmaker has died at eighty-five years old.

Downey is best known as the director behind Putney Swope, a celebrated, anti-establishment satire on the advertising world of Madison Avenue.

He worked as an actor and director from the early '50s until 2011 when he appeared in his final film, Tower Heist. In addition to directing, he worked on some notable TV, including three episodes of The Twilight Zone.

Downey was born in Manhattan in 1936 as Robert Elias, Jr. He later took the last name of his stepfather, James Downey, as part of an attempt to get into the military when he was underage, which clearly didn't work, but, the name stuck.

He was married 3 times during his life. He and his 1st wife Elsie Ann Downey gave birth to both Robert Downey Jr, fifty-six, and his sister Allyson, fifty-seven. His 2nd wife Laura Ernst passed away in 1994 and he's since been living with his 3rd wife Rosemary Rogers in New York.

A talented filmmaker, director, and actor, Robert Downey Sr will be missed greatly. Our hearts go out to his family at this moment in time.

Rest in Peace, Robert Downey Sr.