Robert Irwin Smiles With Niece Baby Grace After ‘Big Day Catching Crocs’

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Robert Irwin has shared a beautiful picture of himself smiling while holding his 4 month-old niece, Grace Warrior.

Robert took to Instagram yesterday to share an adorable snap of the pair from their “crocodile research expedition.”

The picture sees the son of the late Steve Irwin holding his sister, Bindi Irwin’s, daughter as she beams for the camera after a “big day catching crocs.”

Alongside the picture he wrote: “Hanging out with Grace in the camp after a big day catching crocs is the best. She’s lovin life up here on our crocodile research expedition.”

After posting the picture online, people are loving the “fun uncle” content, including Bindi who wrote in the comments section: “The happiest face.”

“This is the funcle content we needed,” one person added, with another backing it up by writing: “If mum says no ask uncle robert.”

“Such beautiful young man and uncle, your father would be so proud of you!” wrote a third.

Bindi, who gave birth to Grace, her first child with husband Chandler Powell, back in March, also shared another snap of Grace from their crocodile research expedition on Sunday, writing: “Grace Warrior • Our beautiful angel is always ready for an adventure.”

Robert has previously spoke about his efforts to became the “fun uncle” for Grace. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight back in June, he said: “I’m already trying to teach her how to play the guitar. It’s one of my passions, so she’ll always go to sleep when I play the guitar. She loves it. I’m trying to be the fun Uncle Robert!”

He also added that she now “at that age now where she’s really reacting to things” which he finds “amazing.”

“She’s at that age now where she’s really reacting to things, you know, when she sees a new animal,” he said. “We met a koala for the first time the other day and her little face, she was all kinds of sleepy, and she saw that koala and her face just lit up. The biggest smile, and it was amazing. I can already tell she is a wildlife warrior. And I cannot wait to just introduce her to everything zoo life.”

So sweet!