The Umbrella Academy's Robert Sheehan has revealed that he prefers wearing women's clothes.

The Netflix show has already gained a huge online following, especially after the second season aired. And now, our favorite member of the family, Klaus Hargreeves, has let us all in on his little secret.

The thirty-two-year-old Irish actor told all in his recent interview with Attitude magazine and has been actively speaking out about his LGBTQ+ fans and how he feels connected with his character Klaus.

During his interview, he discussed how his wardrobe is similar to that of the flamboyant character and even shared his love of women's jeans...

"I really prefer how ladies' clothes look on me, to be honest. It's the great secret of retail: guys, get out there and go to the ladies' side of things," he said. "The cuts are much more European if you will. And so that quite naturally seemed to match Klaus – low-cut jeans, cleavage, lots of skin, lots of nudity. Which, again, reflects my own tastes."

Well, he actually had to give up on his dreams of the perfectly fitted women's jeans after a while, adding: "One time, I had these lovely girl jeans, but they were skinny jeans as well. They were quite Lycra-y, which kind of saved them. But after a while, I had to stop wearing them because I had ball pains, basically."

At the beginning of season 1, we see Klaus liven up the academy with his wild ways and hyper-confident personality. Robert, who was previously in the British TV show Misfits playing a similar character, attributes being able to play the role due to his own personality fitting so well with that of the characters he is often asked to play. He also has a similar style off the red carpet, to the roles he plays.

In the show, Klaus falls for a soldier, Dave, after he gets sent back in time to the Vietnam War. The plot in season 2, sees the conjurer try to re-create the spark with his fellow soldier and prevent his untimely death.

Although Robert is straight, his character Klaus' journey of sexuality has resonated with LGBTQ+ fans everywhere. And he clearly loves speaking to fans at conventions about their thoughts and feelings. "Certainly at the [comic] cons, you get a lot of younger people who identify in the LGBTQ bracket," he told Attitude.

"Lovely, young, queer people coming up and saying lovely, meaningful things. People who are at the formative part of their lives. That's very nice."

The show hasn't been renewed by Netflix for season 3, but there's no doubt we will be getting another season. I mean we all need a little more Klaus in our lives.