Robin Williams was one of the world's most prolific comedy actors, but he wasn't just talented, it was his kindness to those less fortunate than himself that made him stick out from the rest.

And now something extraordinary has been revealed about the late star...


Even though he himself was battling with his mental health, he made sure to care for those who were also struggling around him.

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On August 11th, 2014, the world suffered a tragic loss.

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Actor and comedian, Robin Williams, took his own life at the age of sixty-three.

Robin Williams was a household name...

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The actor, who was best known for his starring roles in movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting, always held his signature comedic act and he was well-known and well-loved for his lovable and funny nature.

But, behind the smiles and the jokes, he faced many personal challenges during his life.

He developed an alcohol and drug problem while working on the 1978 sitcom, Mork and Mindy.

He struggled with this addiction for more than 2 decades...

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And, on top of this, the actor suffered from chronic depression for the majority of his adult life.

His widow, Susan Williams, opened up about his struggles shortly after his death.

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Speaking to People magazine, Susan revealed that Robin had also been diagnosed with a debilitating brain disease called diffuse Lewy body dementia and that she believes it was the primary reason for his suicide.

Susan explained that the disease had started to take hold of the actor in the last year before his death...

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With the symptoms worsening in the months before he took his own life. "It was like the dam broke," she recalled. "If Robin was lucky, he would’ve had maybe 3 years left, and they would’ve been hard years."

And she believes that this diagnosis was what ultimately killed him.

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"It was not depression that killed Robin. Depression was one of let’s call it fifty symptoms, and it was a small one."

But, throughout these devastating health issues...

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It has been revealed that Robin did something spectacular for those struggling the most...

It's been reported that when being hired for an event or a film, he would require a specified number of homeless people to be hired too.


In turn he made a huge difference to the lives of the people around him.

And people are amazed by his kindness...


According to booking agent Brian Lord, Williams' made his opinions clear when it came to hiring homeless people.


After seeing his requirements, Lord said: "When I got Robin Williams' rider, I was very surprised by what I found."

It was seriously wholesome...

"He actually had a requirement that, for every single event or film he did, the company hiring him also had to hire a certain number of homeless people and put them to work."

Lord continued: "I never watched a Robin Williams movie the same way after that."

"I'm sure that on his own time and with his own money, he was working with these people in need, but he'd also decided to use his clout as an entertainer to make sure that production companies and event planners also learned the value of giving people a chance to work their way back."

The news was highlighted recently on a Reddit thread where one person wrote: "He was a great man, I wish there were more like him. RIP."

After reading about the things Williams has done, another person commented: "His spirit and joy literally shaped a part of how I see the world."

We completely agree.