Robin Williams' Widow Says Doctors Ordered Them To Sleep in Separate Beds Before His Death | 22 Words

In light of the newly dropped documentary, Robin's Wish, Robin Williams' widow has spoken out about how the couple was ordered to sleep in separate beds just months before his tragic death...

Robin William's sudden and tragic death completely shook the world...

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And now his widow has spoken out, it turns out that things were turbulent for quite some time in the actor's personal life.

On August 11th, 2014, the world suffered a tragic loss.

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Actor and comedian, Robin Williams, took his own life at the age of sixty-three.

Robin Williams was a household name...

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The actor, who was best known for his starring roles in movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting, always held his signature comedic act and he was well-known and well-loved for his lovable and funny nature.

But, behind the smiles and the jokes, he faced many personal challenges during his life.

He developed an alcohol and drug problem while working on the 1978 sitcom, Mork and Mindy.

He struggled with this addiction for more than 2 decades...

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And, on top of this, the actor suffered from chronic depression for the majority of his adult life.

But, throughout these devastating health issues...

Robin always maintained a close relationship with his children, Cody and Zelda.

Since Robin's devastating death, Zelda has gone on to lead a successful life...

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She is now thirty-one-years-old and works as an actress, following in the footsteps of her late father.

It's clear that the pain of losing him is still very much there...

But she regularly talks about her dad and shares fond memories on her social media platforms.

We all remember the time she tried out a Disney Instagram filter...

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Zelda tried out the trend earlier this year, and the coincidence was simply astounding.

The filter landed on the genie from Aladdin, who her dad famously voiced.

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As it landed on the genie, she burst out into laughter.

She shared the video onto Twitter...

Alongside the bemused caption: "Ya'll..."

Evidently, Zelda and Cody are determined to keep their father's memory alive...

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And now, fans are now able to get a whole new look at the late star's final days in a brand new documentary.

His battle with his illness during his final days will take center stage in the new doc that aired this week.

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Robin's Wish, which is directed by Tylor Norwood, will be the first time the actor's fight against Lewy Body Dementia will be explored.

The documentary features exclusive interviews with the actor's widow, Susan Schneider Williams, as well as colleagues and friends.

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Robin himself also made appearances through old clips and interviews.

The trailer shows one particularly emotional moment...

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The late actor can be heard saying: "The thing that matters [is] others, that's what life is about."

Susan spoke out about what fans can expect from the upcoming film...

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"Armed with the name of a brain disease I’d never heard of, I set out on a mission to understand it, and that led me down my unchosen path of advocacy," she explained in a statement.

She continued:

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"With invaluable help from leading medical experts, I saw that what Robin and I had gone through, finally made sense — our experience matched up with the science. And what I discovered along the way was bigger than me, and bigger than Robin. The full story was revealed during the making of this film and it holds the truth that Robin and I had been searching for."

It must have been unbelievably hard in the final few months for both Robin and Susan...

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And now, Susan has spoken out about just how difficult things became as a married couple.

She recently appeared on an episode of Today to discuss the documentary in further depth...

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And she disclosed the personal fact that she and her husband were ordered by doctors to sleep in separate beds just months before his death.

She said the measure was put in place to help Robin cope with his insomnia that was triggered by his dementia.

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"He said to me, 'Does this mean we're separated?'" she recalled. "That was a really shocking moment. When your best friend, your partner, your love - you realize that there's a giant chasm somewhere, and you can't see where it is but that's just not based in reality. That was a hard moment."

She went on:

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"Robin was right when he said to me, 'I just want to reboot my brain.' In that moment, I promised him that we would get to the bottom of this. I just didn't know that would be after he passed." Utterly heartbreaking.

Watch the trailer below:

Robin's Wish is now available on-demand and digital. For more on the beloved actor, keep reading to hear the kind gesture he did for the pop star, Pink, after she lost out on an award…