Dwayne Johnson Shows Incredible Results Of 18 Weeks Of Dieting And Training | 22 Words

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is far from the realms of your everyday man. Movie star, WWE Superstar, Producer, Writer. His accolades continue to build up year by year. But throughout the years, never has there been a rival to Instagram game. Racking up an astonishing 118 million followers, including celebrities and fans alike - it's safe to say that Dwayne is one of the most popular faces on Insta.

The People's Champ recently showed off the unbelievable results of an 18 week diet and training.

Hard work does pay off!

We thought we'd take a look back at The Rock's very best Instagram posts.

His Biggest Fan

The Rock is known for clanging and banging daily in the Iron Paradise and sometimes some hard music and the right frame of mind isn't enough to get him through a rough session.


Even if he's running late for work, The Rock always makes time for his family.

Seafood Fanatic

A guy the size of Dwayne needs to consume a monstrous amount of calories to attain his perfect form. And it's no secret that the Brahma bull loves to chow down on some sushi.

Two Hand Theory

For a lot of people, The Rock is their inspiration. He's always claimed to be the hardest worker in the room and proves this with the state of his man paws.


Above all, The Rock loves his daughters. He posted this cute picture on Women's Equality Day with a note to his daughter about becoming whoever she wants to be.

Touching Tribute

Long time friend, Former WWE superstar and son to hall of famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Brian Christopher Lawler sadly took his own life earlier on in the year. The Rock posted a heartfelt tribute to his former brother on the road.

Iron Paradise

Even The Rock dreads going to the gym. But his training coach is already ready to give him a boost.

An Inspiration to All

The Rock played an amputee in his recent movie Skyscraper and spent a lot of time with fans experiencing the hardships of amputation. Here he is with some fans at a Amputee Coalition meeting

Like Father Like Son

Being the son of a WWE hall of famer put a lot of pressure on a young man to succeed his fathers legacy. I think it's safe to say The Rock's done just that and then some.


"Check out 22yrs old and 280lbs of Smirky Beefy McBeef here posing for our Miami Hurricanes media day".

A True Gentlemen

The Rock continues to be a shinning example to all men that real manhood involves being a Rock to your partner (pardon the pun).

Mothers Day

The Rock will forever and always be grateful to the woman who brought him up in the world and made ends meet so he could go to college and become the man he is today.


Above all, The Rock loves his family and appreciates every moment he has with them before he has to jet off around the world.

The Pebble Memes

This hilarious post was shared after a meme was circulating of The Rock holding his newly born baby Tiana-Lia. The poem makes the post a contender for Insta post of the year.

Skin to Skin

The original photo managed to rack up 10.4 million likes on Instagram - the adorable caption goes into length about Hawaiian culture and family as he welcomes the newly born into the world.

Bull vs Crocodile

Whilst on the set of Rampage, the Brahma Bull got to try his hands at tackling a real beast. In a real fight, my money is 100% on The People's Champ.

A Moment in History

This video was posted 16 years to the day that one of the most legendary matches of all time between two of the most famous faces to ever grace the squared circle.

Dwayne 'The Hulk' Johnson

Only The Rock wouldn't need fake muscles to pull off this iconic Halloween costume.


The Rock continues to push the boundaries for men's fitness. At 46 years old, he's not even hit his prime. ANIMAL.

First Born

We don't often hear much about The Rocks first born Simone - but he's always in her corner giving praise where and when he can.

Mr Hollywood

The Rock has been in an abundance of movies during his career but has only in recent years really started to make the blockbuster territory. It's was only a matter of time before DJ made his way on the walk of fame.

Gender Reveal

It wouldn't be the digital age without an adorable gender reveal announcement. And what better way to do it around such a festive time of year.

The Bull Reborn

After 30 gruelling hours in the hot-seat, The Rock a cover up of his original Brahma Bull tattoo with something a little more demonic. And by demonic, I mean badass.

Never Give Up

The Rock shares a photo with Amateur wrestler, Bodybuilder and weightlifter Nick Santo who was born with no legs and only one arm. He speaks passionately about not letting disability get in the way of ambition.

Return of the Pack

The best thing to come out of the 90s. Period.

Sexiest Man Alive

The Rock definitely isn't afraid to strut his stuff. But when he found out he was sexiest man alive - he just couldn't let us live it down.

You're Welcome

The golden age of internet memery was formulated when this abomination was created. It's so incredibly detailed. Only a master of the dark arts could conjure it.

Samoan Roots

The Rock is deeply invested in his Samoan heritage and takes pride in representing his big Samoan wrestling family. On an episode of Good Morning America, the Rock performed a traditional Hakka for the audience.

Champ Meets Champ

Whilst on a UK press tour, The Rock visited AJ before his title defence fight against Brazeale. There he parted with some words of wisdom and showed him a move or two.