Rooster Stabs Man To Death With Knife During Cockfight

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A man has been stabbed to death by his rooster during a cockfight.

Keep scrolling for the gruesome details…

Cockfights are vicious

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And very much illegal.

However, these horrendous practices are still happening all over the world…

And the latest has left one man dead.

People have had very mixed responses to the gruesome news…

Despite cockfighting being outlawed by India’s Supreme Court in the 1960s, it is still popular today, with many continuing to participate in the vile sport.

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While cockfighting is illegal here in the U.S., last August, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department found a secret ring with more than two-thousand birds bred for fighting.

And back in 2014, they infiltrated a ring dubbed “Operation Angry Birds,” where they arrested more than seventy people…

Finding around three-thousand birds in total.

In India, a rooster fitted with a knife (which is a common practice) stabbed its owner to death in an illegal ring.

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Forty-five-year-old Thangulla Satish died of blood loss after he was stabbed in the groin multiple times by his rooster, which was fitted with a 3-inch knife. 

Satish was among sixteen others who organized the fight in Lothunur, the Indian state of Telegana.

Authorities are searching for the other fifteen organizers, who all face 2 years in prison.

Cockfighting preys on the birds’ natural survival instincts in forcing them to fight, which is what makes it extra cruel.

Some trainers even fit their roosters with a “gaff” – a dagger that they strap to the bird’s feet.

Many birds will even have their feathers plucked out before matches, so it’s more difficult for their opponent to attack.

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Some trainers go as far as drugging their birds to make them more aggressive.

Although even if the birds do win, most of them are so injured they’re killed anyway.

And as shocking as it might be, it’s not the first time a bird handler has been killed by his rooster…

Last year, a fifty-five-year-old Indian man from Andhra Pradesh died after his bird slashed him in the neck and abdomen during a fight.

And in 2018, a thirty-four-year-old man from Rajavaram, India, also died after a rooster pierced his thigh and testicles, causing him to bleed out.
Hopefully, this will teach those involved to end the sport for good.