Rosie O'Donnell's $6M Home To Be Demolished | 22 Words

Rosie O'Donnell has been struggling to sell her Saddle River mansion, despite lowering the price repeatedly, for 5 years.

But now things are moving with it...

Though it's not in the way you might expect.

Read on for the full story.

While she might have been modeling crazy hairdos and bingeing on Pop-Tarts on Instagram...

It appears Rosie O'Donnell has been having a tricky time.

Her house in New Jersey has been struggling to sell, despite being on the market for 5 years!

And surprisingly, she still can't find a buyer.

O'Donnell, who is currently filming Showtime's The L Word...

Bought the home back in 2013 for $6.3 million.

She decided to list the home in 2015, for nearly $7 million...

But with no luck, she resorted to lowering the price.

And after so long with no interest, she has re-listed the home...


For more than $400,000 less than it's worth.

The home has been Pegged as an English country estate...


Sitting on over 5 acres of land.

It was built in 1928 but has since been renovated, and it's not too shabby.


If the house didn't already sound too good to be true, it has 6-bedrooms, 9-bathrooms, a separate guesthouse, a basketball court, an elevator, and an artist studio.

We can't forget to mention the pool with a grotto waterfall, a plunge pool, and a jacuzzi spa...


If you want a sneak peek into how the other half lives, check out some of the incredible pictures below...

And now, after 5 years of trying to sell, O' Donnell is finally moving forward with her house...

But it's not what you would expect.

O' Donnell's home is to be demolished...

And turned into affordable housing.

As per The Post, the home is expected to be demolished and turned into a series of affordable housing units per a landmark public court settlement with Fair Share Housing Center.

A plan that has left some residents unhappy.

The NYP reports that according to a source who lives nearby, the borough had plans to comply with the affordable housing requirements in Saddle River which means sites should be 100% affordable.

But, in this case, local developers Saddle River Investors intervened.

The settlement between the borough of Saddle River and the Fair Share Housing Center of NJ will see O'Donnell's home converted into 60 units.

In which, 20% will be affordable housing.

The source explained to the NYP that of the 60 units, "only eight are set for low and moderate income and the developer will stick the eight units in the back corner of the property instead of integrating, so everyone will know these are the homes saved for the poor."

O'Donnell reportedly sold the property at a $1 million loss for $5.3 million on March 17.

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