Roy Moore’s Wife Tried to Deny Accusations of Anti-Semitism in the Worst Way Possible

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Happy Chanukah, everybody! While it is just a coincidence that the first night of this Jewish holiday coincides with the newsworthy election for the Alabama Senate seat, the association has turned out to be a fortuitous one. You see, Roy Moore, definitely a pedophile, is fighting to be elected to our government, and last night, his wife Kayla got on stage to address those nasty allegations. No, not the child molesting ones. Oh, no, not the ones about him being wildly racist, either. Oh shoot, she didn’t talk about his blatant homophobia at all. Wow, there are really too many to keep track of! No, Kayla Moore took to the stage at a final campaign rally to address the allegations that Roy Moore is anti-Semitic. And her defense of her husband, well, let’s just say, “Oy.

Several women have come forward with accusations of sexual assault and other creepy behavior against Roy Moore, many of which occurred years ago when the women were as young as 14 years old and Roy Moore was in his 30s.

There’s no doubt about it — he’s a gross old man. And yet, he remains in the race. Even after some members of his own party called for him to drop out, Moore brazenly remained and committed to fight until the spineless members of his party retracted their words and Donald Trump formally endorsed him.

She’s stood by him, no questions asked, through this whole debacle. She even helped him organize and host a “Women for Moore” rally “to stand with [Moore] and his family against salacious accusations of s*xual misconduct.” Yes, the word “sexual” was censored just like that in the flyer for the event.

For all the women who’ve come out and said Roy Moore is a giant perv, his wife has represented a faction of delusional, unaware, self-loathing women, the ones who still think electing Moore to the Senate to represent their 14-year-old daughters is a good idea.

But it turns out it’s really hard to adequately defend a monster, and Kayla had a rough go at it when she tried to defend Moore against allegations of anti-Semitism. You have to see the video. It’s a frickin’ Chanukah miracle.

We must have been distracted by the numerous charges of child molestation, homophobia, and racism. Silly us. The accusation she’s probably referring to started flying last week when Roy Moore attacked liberal billionaire George Soros, who also happens to be Jewish. Without citing any evidence, Moore accused Soros of “financing the registration of former felons to vote in Alabama,” presumably in an effort to get Democrat Doug Jones elected over Moore.  

Referring to Soros, Moore said, “No matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going. And that’s not a good place.” Many believed this comment was anti-Semitic, probably because it is.

Yes, folks, she actually said this. And the worst part is, she believed it. She believed that saying, “One of our attorneys is a Jew!” would prove that she and her husband were really truly huge fans of Jewish people.

How cringeworthy is that? How obviously utterly anti-Semitic do you think the Moores are after listening to that? She couldn’t even say, “One of our attorneys is Jewish.” She called him a Jew.

Let me tell you, from one Jew to you, only Jews can call themselves Jews. If you are not Jewish and you call someone a Jew, that’s gross. And offensive. And anti-Semitic. But it’s not just the word she used that got people so riled up…

Many on Twitter pointed out that the video is somehow so much worse than the comment when you read it in print, and that’s saying something because the printed comment is enough to make any decent human being’s jaw drop.

But lady, you did quite the opposite of that. Now, in addition to the child molesting and the racism and the homophobia, it’s clear that the Moores of Alabama are God fearin’ anti-Semites.

And people, we simply cannot afford to elect one of those to the U.S. Senate. (There are probably too many hidden ones who already hold Senate seats.)

Unfortunately, time is up, and it’s now up to the people of Alabama to make the right decision. The intolerance and prejudice that Roy Moore has displayed throughout his career are appalling and unforgivable.

So Alabama, it’s this Jewish writer’s wish that you vote for Doug Jones today and end Roy Moore once and for all. We could all use a Chanukah miracle.