Rudy Giuliani Suspended From Practice of Law in New York

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The news has just come in that the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, has been suspended from the practice of law within New York.

CNBC has reported that a New York court on Thursday suspended Giuliani from practicing law in New York state due to making “false and misleading statements” about the election loss of former President Donald Trump, his client.

Since the 2020 election results were announced in November, Giuliani and Trump have since made numerous false claims about the legitimacy of the election of President Biden, claiming repeatedly that Trump was swindled out of a victory only by widespread ballot fraud in key swing states.

The suspension, which takes effect immediately, is a stunning blow to Giuliani, who previously served as a top Justice Department official and as the U.S Attorney in Manhattan.

It also comes as Giuliani is under criminal investigation by that same federal prosecutor’s office in Manhattan in connection with his work in Ukraine.

This is a developing story and updates will be posted accordingly.