First Look at the 'Rugrats' Reboot Has Divided Fans | 22 Words

Opinions are well and truly divided after a trailer for the Rugrats reboot dropped.

People are not sure what to make of this one. Keep scrolling to see for yourself...

We all remember Rugrats, right?

The Nickelodeon classic first aired way back in 1992...

The show was a huge hit.

People loved the way it showed the world from a baby's perspective.

It ran for twelve years, leaving our screens in 2004.

Making it the eighth-longest-running American animated television series.

The series even spawned 3 movies.

Rugrats: The Movie, Rugrats in Paris, and Rugrats Go Wild.

​So when a revival of the show was announced, fans were excited!

But the first look at it has left the internet divided ...

Here's the reason people weren't happy.


The new-look Rugrats are a far cry from their original iterations!

Here's the trailer that got everybody talking.

The Rugrats reboot will be coming soon ... Will you be watching?