For many of us, there's no more comforting way to spend a lazy weekend or a rainy night than rewatching a classic Harry Potter movie. Reconnecting to the magical world that's so reminiscent of many of our childhoods can dependably raise spirits. In a world wherein things can often seem bleak or uncertain, being able to go back to the Harry Potter universe can be comforting - which is probably why the films have such high rewatch value.

But not everyone feels this way. In fact, for Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in the classic series), that just simply isn't true - and the reason that he gave is actually really upsetting.

For many of us, the Harry Potter books are a cornerstone of our childhood.

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The books, the first of which was published in 1997, are some of the most popular children's novels of all time.

There are seven Harry Potter books in total.

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And writer, JK Rowling, managed to build an incredibly immersive (and oddly believable) fantasy world, wherein magic seemed like it could really exist.

And the books weren't where it ended.

The massively successful series was adapted for the big screen by Warner Brothers. There are eight films in the original Harry Potter canon, the first of which came out in 2001.

The stories revolve around one central character.

The eponymous hero, Harry Potter, is a young wizard who has been orphaned and kept shielded from the world of magic until he receives a mysterious letter.

Until reaching the age of eleven, Harry lived with his aunt and uncle.

They were non-magical folk, known in the books as Muggles. Harry was treated very poorly by his family and was forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs.

But Harry receives a letter that changes everything.

He finds out that he's actually a wizard and has been accepted to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to hone his craft.

While there, Harry learns a wide variety of magical spells.

But what makes the Harry Potter universe so immersive is how oddly believable all these magical aspects seem when you're reading (or watching).

Harry has one major enemy.

The Dark Lord, named Voldemort, is both an evil wizard and a personification of everything that's wrong with the wizarding society. The overriding story of the books is Harry ultimately taking on this foe.

But, of course, Harry can't do this alone.

Along his journey through school, he makes two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

Both of these pals add strength to Harry in his battle.

Hermione has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the world of magic, and there's essentially no spell that she can't do. But it's Ron who has become a true fan favorite, thanks to his unshakeable loyalty and top sense of humor.

The casting of these three leads is often pointed to as a big reason behind the franchise's success.

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And those actors were Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, and Ruper Grint as Ron Weasley.

Many Harry Potter fans feel as though they've grown up with these stars.

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They first appeared in the original movie in 2001, and continued in their roles for a whole decade, until the final film was released in 2011.

Which means that, for many of us, Rupert Grint is Ron Weasley.

The two are so closely connected in our minds that we can barely draw a distinction between the pair. For us, that's quite comforting - but have you ever thought about how Grint feels about it?

Because it's clear that he has a more complex relationship with the role than we previously realized.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Grint claimed that he struggles to watch the most recent Harry Potter movies. "I could probably go up to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," he admitted.

It's not all of the movies that Grint has an issue with.

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"I did see Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone not long ago, for the first time since the premiere, and I actually enjoyed looking back," Grint claimed.

There's a reason that Grint can still enjoy the very early films.

"I think those early ones are okay. More time has passed. I can detach myself a bit more from that kid," he explained.

For Grint, the more recent films are a little too close to home.

"But the more recent ones I definitely couldn’t do," he shared. He finds seeing the films, that were such a huge part of his life, captured for everyone to see and identify with, to be just a little bit too odd.

He claims that he feels as though he, Radcliffe, and Watson have shared a totally unique experience.


"We have this shared experience that connects us all. They are the only people that really understand. I think [director] David Yates once said we’re all like astronauts. Only astronauts really know what it’s like to go to space."

Grint was cast in his role at the age of ten.

And he went from an absolute nobody to a household name, almost overnight. This would be tough for anyone to deal with - but, likely, even harder for a child.

Grint has struggled with this.

"I struggle to remember life before it. I think I lost myself a little bit along the way. With the fame, you're almost being the character even when you're not in character," he admitted.

None of the stars will ever be able to shake off their Harry Potter roots.

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Grint went on, "From the moment I got the part, my life completely changed. It was a weird time and it has taken me a long while to process."

And Grint had an odd wish.

"Just being invisible can still be difficult. Sometimes you just want to go to B&Q [a DIY store in the UK]," he joked. If only the Invisibility Cloak of the Deathly Hallows was real!

He also made another heartbreaking admission.

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Grint claims that when the Harry Potter movies came to an end he felt at a loss as what to do with himself.

Grint also admitted something else that was pretty sad.

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He opened up, saying "I had this feeling that I had missed out on normal things. I lost touch with a lot of my friends from school. I wanted to have a bit of a life again, so I took a break."

But he hasn't totally retired.

At the end of last year, Grint starred in murder mystery BBC special, The ABC Murders, and received pretty good reviews for his part.

The show was a huge success in the UK over the Christmas holidays.

Alongside Rupert Grint, the murder mystery starred A Quiet Place's Emily Blunt, Of Mice & Men's John Molkovich, and Love Actually's Bill Nighy.

Grint says that he really enjoyed working on this new style of role.

He claims to have “loved the very dark" script alongside playing “someone with authority." It's true, Inspector Crome is quite different from Ron Weasley.

It's understandable that Grint was worried about being typecast.

“I’m used to playing the vulnerable, nerdy sidekick," he explained. But Rupert - you're so good at that!

For many of us, Grint will never be too far from Ron.

“I’ve never really been super-ambitious. I think there’s always been something in me, particularly when I finished Potter, that wants to prove myself, but I’m also naturally quite an insecure person anyway."

Harry Potter just wouldn't be the same without him.

We just hope that, one day, Grint feels far removed enough to finally be able to enjoy the Harry Potter films in their own right. He's definitely missing out! Want more from Ron? Scroll on for his recent exciting baby news!