Russell Westbrook Left $8,000 Tip To Housekeepers After NBA Bubble Exit | 22 Words

The sports world was hit hard by coronavirus. The stadiums were shut, tumbleweeds blew through our arenas, and we had no live games on our TV's.

NBA stars have even taken to social media to encourage kids stuck at home to practice new skills.

But after being part of the NBA bubble for the past few weeks, Russell Westbrook is heading home - with one last kind gesture before he goes.

Sports were canceled.

ESPN resorted to replaying recent basketball games, but soon they'll have to dip into the archives for games broadcast in standard definition.

NBA and WNBA stars took to social media during this frustrating time.

They're encouraging youngsters in coronavirus lockdown to sharpen up their skills.

Schools and gyms are closed.

But there's nothing stopping kids or adults, bouncing a ball outside or indoors, to keep the spirit of the game alive.

Devonte Graham of the Charlotte Hornets and the Seattle Storm’s Jewell Loyd has got involved.

These two are among a number of top stars who have produced a series of video clips for drills that you can try at home.

The players want to see you in action.

Due to them being out of action, it's a way of them encouraging those to take part in learning new skills and sharing the clips with the stars.

All sports networks were struggling.

With ESPN resorting to posting about The Rock's cheat day.

Things were getting pretty dire.

In fact, for a while, we had to settle for the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance.

They even started reporting on things outside the realm of sports.

And people weren't happy about it.

The NBA initially suspended play.

Then made plans to launch a players-only NBA 2K tournament.

It was designed to be made up of the best gamers in the league.

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This is obviously due to the coronavirus outbreak that has halted basketball and all other forms of sport for the foreseeable future.

Then, the NBA players formed a bubble.

Allowing the sports to go on - at the expense of players' outside lives.

One of the members?

NBA favorite, Russell Westbrook.

But this week, he left his NBA bubble.

But not before one final, very kind gesture that the internet can't get enough of.

Because, upon leaving the NBA bubble...

Russell reportedly left the housekeepers an incredible $8,000 tip!

He'd been living on the Disney World campus for months.

But according to the housekeepers, he also left his room incredibly clean and tidy, too!

"They took great care of us. Took the time & energy to do their job at a high level. That was the right thing."

So sweet! For more from the NBA, scroll on...