Russia’s Space Agency Just Claimed That Venus Is a Russian Planet

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Just days following the potential discovery of life on Venus, Russia’s Space Agency has just made the incredibly bold claim that Venus is a “Russian planet.”

Surprised? We aren’t at all. Keep on reading to see what they had to say…

What is out there beyond Planet Earth?

And it’s mind-boggling to think of what possibly could be living out there.

NASA has been working extensively on research surrounding life on Mars for several years now, and since the discovery of running water on the planet, it seems pretty probable that there is some form of life… even if it’s just a species of plant!

It seems that in the future, we will eventually be able to visit the planet and see exactly what is going on.

Well, it turns out that Mars now isn’t the only one with hints of life forms!

Scientists revealed last week that they have detected traces of gas in the Venusian atmosphere that, according to everything they understand about Venus, shouldn’t be there.

And they eventually settled on an explanation guided by what they know about our own planet. On Earth, phosphine – a toxic gas – is produced by microorganisms.

And as far as we know phosphine can only be made by life – whether human or microbe – suggesting colonies of living microbes have been living in an oxygen-free environment in Venus’s atmosphere.

And people are super excited about it, to say the least!

Just because there’s a form of life doesn’t mean it will be extraterrestrials! This could be something as small as a plant or a running stream of water.

But it turns out that someone has decided to mark their territory all over it.

Yep, Russia are now claiming they own Venus.

Following the exciting discovery, Russia’s Space Agency has claimed that Venus is a “Russian planet.”

Rogozin claimed the Soviet Union was the first country to send a probe to Venus. He added that once there, the country found surface temperatures of around 450°C, hot enough to melt lead, adding, “Our country was the first and only one to successfully land on Venus. The spacecraft gathered information about the planet – it is like hell over there.”

“We believe that Venus is a Russian planet,” he stated, according to Russia’s TASS news agency. Okay, then.

And we’re confident in saying we aren’t exactly shocked by their claims! Make sure to keep on reading to hear about the time Elon Musk claimed the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens…