Ryan Reynolds Almost Crushed by Falling Barrier at Comic Con | 22 Words

The beloved Hollywood actor, Ryan Reynolds, found himself in incredibly dangerous waters over the weekend at a Comic-Con event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The dramatic moment, which was caught on camera, shows the collapsed barrier as a result of the thousands of screaming fans crammed in behind it.

Keep scrolling to see the horrifying moment...

Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood's best-loved actors.

He's probably best known for his role as Marvel superhero, Deadpool - in fact, he even directed the second Deadpool movie.

He's also well-known for something else.

Reynolds has one of the most beloved social media presences in the celebosphere. His Twitter is absolutely loaded with golden moments, often making fun of being a husband and a father.

Ryan and his wife, Blake Lively, are undeniably couple goals.

Aside from being 2 of the most attractive people on the planet, they also seem to have an excellent sense of humor when it comes to their relationship.

Which is often depicted on social media.

Reynolds often takes to Twitter and Instagram to poke fun at married life and fatherhood.

But there's one time of year in which Reynolds really shines.

Around the time of his wife's birthday, he often comes up with ingenious ways to share a sarcastic tribute to Lively - like this iconic poorly-cropped photo.

Though Lively gives as good as she gets.

On Reynolds' birthday, in response, she posted a tribute to the other famous Ryan - Ryan Gosling - cropping out her husband in the process.

Here's another classic birthday troll.

Nothing says "I love my wife," like being more focused on the celebrations of an aging country star than her own special day.

So, quite understandably...

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With his acting skills combined with this witty humor, Reynolds has gained himself a huge, worldwide fanbase.

People all over the world love the actor...

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And many clamor at the opportunity to see him in the flesh.

But, with a fanbase as large as his...

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Disaster is always around the corner.

And Ryan found himself in a rather dangerous situation this weekend as a result of his large following...

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The actor was promoting his new film, Free Guy, at the CCXP, a Comic-Con event, in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, when things got a little hairy...

Free Guy is Disney's latest venture with Reynolds...

And is an action-comedy which centers on a bank worker who discovers he is actually a background character in a video game, called Free City, which is set to go offline.

The movie has been highly-anticipated by fans of Disney and Reynolds alike...

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So, obviously, thousands of excitable and star-struck fans flocked to Sao Paulo's Comic-Con event to see the actor in the flesh.

But the crowds turned out to be a little too much...

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As the barriers couldn't quite contain them all.

Ryan was interacting with the crowd...

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But suddenly, the barrier containing the hoards of excitable fans collapsed, very nearly crushing the actor.

Reynolds was seen stepping down off the stage to greet his fans...

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But, as he was stood along the barrier, the army of jostling fans clearly proved to be too much, and subsequently made the barrier collapse.

It all happened so quickly.

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The barrier fell and the crowd spilled out into the path of the actor, who miraculously managed to scramble to safety in mere seconds.

You can see footage of the event here...

The actor was scarily close to being crushed by hundreds of people, and it is a miracle that he managed to leap out of the way just in time.

Another angle shows the severity of the situation...

But it also shows how the actor assists with the security team to get the barrier re-erected.

No one is reported to have been injured in the accident...

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And Ryan escaped without even a cut or a scrape. What a miracle! For more on Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool franchise, keep scrolling...