Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolls Hugh Jackman Over His Wedding Anniversary Post

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are 2 of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, and they actually have a lot in common. Both have acted in incredibly successful superhero franchises, playing fan-favorites Deadpool and Wolverine respectively, and they have also led some classic, heartwarming romantic comedies.

But the pair are also really good friends, who take a lot of pleasure out of savagely trolling each other on social media.

They are constantly going viral for destroying each other in many unique ways. The latest installment in the saga involves Reynolds calling Jackman out for his wedding anniversary post.

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But in reality, they’re actually best pals. They constantly roast each other, the way only real buds can, and it seems pretty fundamental to their friendship.

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The two are constantly exchanging barbs on social media, in interviews, at private parties, and even in their movies.

Deadpool and Wolverine going head-to-head only means one thing… a fight to the death.

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And the world could, once again, breathe easy.

To prove his act of peace was in good faith, the actor promised to make an ad for Jackman’s company, Laughing Man Coffee.

For his part of the truce, Jackman claimed he would deliver an ad for Reynolds’ company, Aviation Gin.

Was this truce for real, or were the actors pulling another prank? Maybe this time on their fans?

The commercials would be a testament to their friendship, so obviously they both needed time to get them right.

The two assured fans they’d make good on the promise, and we all waited with bated breath.

Well, that was the plan anyway. But things didn’t go as smoothly as hoped.

Reynolds excitedly admits that he’s been working “24/7″ on his ad for Laughing Man Coffee, and can’t wait to share his ad with Jackman and the world.

Reynolds’ commercial is visually stunning, and basically a love letter to Jackman and the philanthropic work he does through his company.

Reynolds sneaks in some subliminal messaging by not-so-subtly working in the name “Hugh” about a dozen times, because he’s Ryan Reynolds and nothing he does is ever 100% serious.

It’s immediately clear he was not expecting such a heartfelt effort from Reynolds, who then reveals with pride that the ad cost him $1 million.

All of a sudden, his commercial isn’t “quite ready” and needs “color correcting,” but Reynolds isn’t hearing it, and to Jackman’s dismay, the ad starts to roll.

And it’s a trainwreck.

Jackman’s advertisement dives right in with a cutting, “Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f***ing a**hole”– a far cry from the flowery sentiments expressed in the expensive, handcrafted piece of art that was Reynolds’ ad.

Jackman seems like he’s about to deliver a compliment but immediately undercuts it by reaching for a bottle of Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, opening it, and letting its contents pour unceremoniously on the table and floor with a satisfied smirk. Welp.

Back in the studio, the 2 look gutted. Jackman half-heartedly offers, “I didn’t think the truce was actually real” before the screen cuts to black.

Though short, the actor’s statement conveys volumes of hurt and humiliation.

The mean-spirited instigator shows no remorse, which can only mean the truce is officially over.

Even though this means more hilarious feud content.

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And he clearly doesn’t sympathize with Reynolds in any shape or form. Last year’s People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” was announced and after musician John Legend took the title, Jackman decided this was the perfect opportunity to call out his best bud.

And Reynolds received the title in 2010.

So he took to his Instagram to post a video.

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The brief video features Jackman and Reynolds walking on a soundstage, with Jackman telling Reynolds he doesn’t want to wear a blue hoodie that he’s unzipping, when something falls out.

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Jackman swiftly picks it up and shows it to Reynolds, who says, “‘Oh, it’s your People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.”

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When Jackman asks if he’s seen it, Reynolds says, ‘I have an issue somewhere, I have a few of yours. Usually, I cut the eyes out or the mouth, but that’s just me.”

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Reynolds was, indeed, referring to Deadpool where his character uses the photo from Jackman’s 2008 “Sexiest Man Alive” issue as a mask, where he cut out the eyes and mouth.

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The video ends as an overly excited Jackman holds up his magazine for the camera as an extra reminder… just in case anybody missed the point.

And when Jackman posted a soppy anniversary post dedicated to his wife, Reynolds knew it was time to pounce.

The Wolverine star posted this photograph to his Instagram:

And his caption was cute as hell. He wrote: “These 24 years have been the best of my life! And, as far as I can see, we keep getting better. I love you Debs with every fiber of my soul. Happy anniversary. #24.”

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I guess the truce really meant nothing at all, did it? We’re here for all this hilarious content though. If there’s one person that knows something about feuds, it’s Eminem. Keep scrolling to see some of his most savage battles of all time…