Ryan Reynolds Recorded Hundreds of Videos To Thank Quarantining Crew on Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’

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Ryan Reynolds will make you fall in love with him all over again after you find out what he did for the crew on his latest Netflix movie…

The actor, who has starred in an array of blockbusters throughout the last few decades, has gained a strong fan base for his loveable, yet hilarious personality.

Whether it be making fun out of his wife, Blake Lively, or hosting mock arguments with his friend, Hugh Jackman, Ryan’s jokes are always on top form.

And his actions towards the crew in his latest Netflix movie prove he’s Canadian through and through.

All individually thanking quarantining crew members for their hard work on the set of Red Notice.  And people are amazed by his genuine kindness and consideration…

He even personalized messages for those who didn’t have families. “I made videos for their dogs,” Reynolds told The Hollywood Reporter.

“They couldn’t go anywhere but work or the hotel. In some cases, their families were at home less than a mile away. I can’t imagine that kind of longing.”  

The movie is based around the book of the same name, centering around the organization Interpol, who issue a global alert, or “Red Notice,” to capture an art thief.

After it was put on hold in March due to the pandemic.

“My hat is OFF to this crew,” Reynolds said in an Instagram post to congratulate the crew on their maximum effort.

“I can’t emphasize their grit enough. Over 300 souls living in a sequestered bubble to make this a reality. They went to work under the most intense circumstances every day. That sacrifice is not only theirs, but it also belongs to their family, friends and loved ones who haven’t seen them in months. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks. And visors. And have cotton swabs shoved up their noses every day.”

Red Notice is due to hit Netflix in 2021.

In the meantime, keep scrolling for more of the latest on Reynolds and why he’s reigniting his feud with Hugh Jackman…