Ryan Reynolds Reignites ‘Feud’ With Hugh Jackman With Yet Another Troll | 22 Words

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are at it again!

Keep on reading to see Ryan's hilarious birthday message for Hugh...

Let's start with the major players in the story.

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This is Hugh Jackman. He's an Australian actor, singer and producer. He's known for being able to perform across a wide range of different genres.

He came to fame playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies.

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Hugh started his ongoing role as the superhero in the year 2000 and he has reprised the role many times, but his alliance ended with the character in 2017's Logan.

But he's no one-trick pony.

His other roles include Jean Valjean in 2012 musical Les Miserables, and P.T. Barnum in 2017's The Greatest Showman.

Next up, we have Ryan Reynolds.

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Ryan is a Canadian actor who is best known for being the heartthrob of many chick-flicks and comedies.

Although you may recognise him better like this.

Ryan is best known for his hilarious role in the Deadpool franchise, in which he plays the title character.

He actually co-wrote the Deadpool sequel.

His performance as the foul mouthed, politically incorrect and all around offensive anti-superhero garnered Reynolds critical and popular acclaim.

Now, Ryan and Hugh have a pretty tight relationship.

They have on ongoing love/hate Twitter battle, where the pair roast each other for all manner of things... much to the delight of their fans.

Their "hate" for one another is entertaining, to say the least.

Ryan tends to be the instigator, essentially trolling Hugh at every available opportunity - like this celebration of success, which he quipped was likely actually protesters, rather than fans.

Hugh takes pride in getting his own back, too.

In this iconic Instagram prank, the Aussie actor (along with Jake Gyllenhaal) told Ryan that a party he was attending had an ugly Christmas sweater dress code - when actually no such code was in place. Classic.

Remember this iconic roast?

A celebrity news Twitter account posted these photos of gender-swapped celebs - with a notable similarity.

Ryan saw the Tweet and images...

And his response was as hilarious as you'd expect. It's not every day you realize you've essentially married your best friend's lookalike!

Over the years, the pairs trolling has gotten pretty crazy.

See what we mean?

Or how about this?

There's nothing that's off-limits for these two!

This list goes on.

... And on, and on.

But one of their funniest skits together?

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Of course, it has to be the "Truce" video that Ryan uploaded last year, showing the pair presenting commercials they had made for one another's companies - Ryan's Aviation gin and Hugh's Laughing Man coffee.

Ryan acts along as the fool who takes the truce seriously, and he presents a stunning $1 million commercial for Hugh's coffee brand...

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But when it's Hugh's turn to present the commercial for Ryan's gin brand? Well, this is when things get a little hairy.

The Aussie actor simply uses this opportunity to film himself insulting Ryan by calling him every name under the sun...

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And finishing with, "The gin is pretty great though!" before tipping over the entire bottle of Aviation gin. Hilarious.

Ryan looked pretty crushed as the video came to a close...

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But it seems that there aren't any true hard feelings... or are there?

The Deadpool actor just never seems to stop!

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And the most recent ad for Hugh's Laughing Man Coffee certainly proves this. It starts with a sleepy-looking Hugh Jackman waking up to his alarm and throwing it across the room, with Ryan's voice-over narrating his day. "This is Hugh Jackman!" he says to introduce the ad.

When Hugh reluctantly gets out of bed and yells at the kids making noise in the street to shut up...

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Ryan's voice reads, "Noted humanitarian."

Hugh then looks down at his dog with disgust and tells it to "walk itself."

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"Goodwill ambassador."

He then angrily listens to some heavy metal music...

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"Eternal Optimist."

But then, Ryan mentions that he is the founder of Laughing Man Coffee.

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"The coffee company that donates one-hundred-percent of profits to support fair-trade farmers and brews the exceptional flavor that is responsible for the Hugh Jackman that we know and love... there he is!" Hugh is then seen transforming into the kind-hearted man that we all know and love... all thanks to a sip of his Laughing Man Coffee!

The pair are just non-stop...

And now that it's Hugh Jackman's birthday, Ryan has a special birthday message up his sleeve.

Hugh turned fifty-two yesterday...

And in aid of this special day, Ryan took to his Instagram Story to wish his best buddy a happy birthday.

The actor started by saying...

"Hey Hugh! I just want to wish you a happy birthday, and tell you I love you. I'm down here in Atlanta so wish I could be celebrating with you."

He then said...

"You may notice it's a little quiet around the house this morning, that's because I flew Deb, the kids, the dogs, your friends, and furniture here to celebrate your birthday with me... we're having an amazing time and we miss you!"

Of course, Ryan had the cheekiest of grins on his face as he said this...

And there's no denying how much he was trolling Hugh!

Even though Hugh reposted the message...

He is yet to respond in his usual hilarious way.

Make sure to stay posted for more on the dynamic duo!

And for more, keep on reading for some more amazing Jackman-Reynolds trolls...